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A four bedroom townhome can provide you with the space and comfort you need but without the maintenance that comes with a larger house. You will have enough room for the kids and all your belongings but without having to worry about the rates, costs and yard work of renting a home. Whether you are looking for a townhome to live in or to vacation in, consider your individual needs and tools for apartment lifestyles when checking the real estate market.

Choosing a 4 Bedroom Townhome

Townhomes are not the cheapest properties to rent, especially one that has four bedrooms. Where you choose to rent will make a big difference in the price. If you are looking for a townhome in the heart of the big city, then your monthly rental prices are going to be well over $1000. However, there are affordable townhomes for rent away from the larger cities. Four bedroom townhomes are also a good choice for off campus housing. If you and a few of your friends are attending a nearby college, you may be able to save on your rent by opting for a townhome rather than the standard home.

Ask yourself these questions when scouring the real estate section - what amenities are you looking for? Do you want a common living area? How many bathrooms are you looking for? What about views or outside entertaining areas? Do you need a townhome that is kid friendly or pet friendly? What about the townhome complex in general – do you want something that offers an underground parking space? Do you want a complex that has a gym, a pool or a spa? Do you want something walking distance to shops or on a bus route? All of these questions will also impact your rental price.

Four Bedroom Holiday Homes

Another reason to consider a four bedroom townhome is for a vacation rental. If you are going on holiday with your extended family or with a group of friends (say 4 couples), then you can all get your own hotel room and eat out for your meals. Or, you can pool your resources together and opt for a holiday home rental.

There are several short term stay homes where you will have all the amenities of in your private home away from home. This usually includes kitchen and appliances, bedding, linen and towels, outdoor and indoor activities (such as tennis rackets and board games) among other things. If the townhome is in a complex, you will also have access to the building amenities including the spa, gym and pool.

One of the ways you will be able to save with a four bedroom townhome is by cooking and entertaining at home. Instead of ordering a three course meal complete with three bottles of wine, you can do it in the comfort of your rental unit. Furthermore, rental townhomes come with television, movies and entertaining areas so you can play board games with the kids, have a glass of wine with your spouse and enjoy the company of your friends without resorting to a crowded bar, restaurant or other public area. For many people on holiday, this privacy is paradise.

Choosing your annual vacation hot spot can be tricky in the best of times. You want something that is affordable, fresh and exciting which will suit everyone going on vacation. Whether you are looking to cool down by the beach this summer or wanting to escape into a white winter wonderland, consider opting out of a hotel and checking into a four bedroom townhome instead.

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