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Looking for an easy way to spruce up your living room set? Add some fresh, fun and funky colored pillows to your sofa. Pillows can be inexpensive and come in any color, shape, material or pattern. Check out your local homewares and department stores to find a set of pillows that can give your living room that much needed splash of color.

Choosing your Couch Pillows

When you are looking for colored pillows you need to think really hard about the colors in your living room already. Let's say you have a black or brown sofa set. If they are plain then you can choose a patterned or bold colored pillow to contrast against the darkness and dullness of the couch. For example, a black leather sofa will sparkle if you go for a patterned white and black pillow set. Or, go for a bright red print to really vamp up your den.

If you have a patterned couch set, however, then it is best to stick to a one-colored pillow. For example, if your sofa is checkered blue and green, then look for a pillow in a plain blue. That way the pillows are not competing with the brightness of the couch.

Think about the other colors in your living room, even if you're helping friends move. Do you have an area rug? This should also match your pillows as best as possible. Let's say you have a light purple shaggy rug as the piece de resistance in your den - look for a few pillows in a similar color and material to place on your couches. The shimmer and the comfort of your shaggy rug will translate onto your sofa set as well making your living room even more inviting.

What about any blankets or throws in your living room? Again, try to match all the colors in your room to your pillows. If your home is not quite decorated yet, then spend the day shopping for all types of accessories for your living room. Look for pillows, a throw and even an area rug at the same time so you know exactly what colors and materials to look for. You may even want to look for a few matching candles, fake flowers in a colorful vase or photo frames to also go in your living room and match your pillows.

Pillow Color Considerations

When you are looking for colored pillows for your plain couch you want to look for pillows that can easily be washed, especially if you have children, pets or spend a lot of time eating and drinking on your lounge. Many pillows have buttons or a zipper that allows you to easily take off the pillow cover and wash it. Some pillows made out of silk or equally delicate material may need to be washed on delicate or hand washed only.

If you are a little low on cash and have a lot of spare couch pillows lying around, you can also choose to revamp your old pillows. Visit a fabric store and look for a print that will match your décor and your couch. If you have the skills and the sewing machine, this can be a great weekend project and will save you some money on purchasing a bunch of new pillows.

When you are adding colored pillows to a plain couch there are a lot of things to consider. Pillows can make your living room even cozier and more comfortable, especially when you are lying down on the couch. Choose designs and colors that match the entire décor of your living room, including the furniture.

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