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Adding an office to your rental property means that you can work from home. This is a dream of many people across the nation as you get the freedom and flexibility of staying at home to work.

However, when you are renting it can be a little tricky to do the required renovations to add an office if there is not already the space there and ready. Make sure you have your landlord's permission to tidy up your yard and install a business shed before you start setting up a home business at your rental house.

If you have a spare bedroom then you might be able to convert it into a home office. This is a good option for many people that only require a small amount of space. If you essentially only need a desk, computer and filing system for the work that you do, then why not do it from home? You can save a fortune on leasing a building and cut down on the cuts of driving to and from work every day. If you do have to meet clients, then they can come to your home office.

Rental Office Areas

It is ideal if the spare room in the rental property has its own entrance way but this is normally not the case in a standard bedroom. However, if you do need to meet with clients you can still use your house to do so. You may wish to set up a meeting area in one of the spare rooms and then have the other room as your office. This is just one of the many set ups to consider when looking into an office in your rental property. Offices that will work in this matter include freelance work such as graphic design, accounting, data entry, writing and anything else where you don't need a lot of space and don't need a lot of meeting room.

Another option is to convert the garage into a home office. This is a good idea if you need more space. Many garages will have their own separate entrance and thus you can use this space to greet clients. However, you will probably be limited in what type of decorations you are able to do as your landlord probably will not want you to renovate the garage completely. After all, the next tenants may want to use the garage as a garage, not as a home office. If you require a little more space then this is a good option to consider when looking to work from home.

Perhaps the best option when looking to set up an office at home is a self contained unit. Many rental facilities will come with these but they tend to cost a little more to rent. Some landlords will rent out a self contained unit separately from the main house while others will rent them together. What a self contained unit entails is its own space with a kitchen and own entrance. The unit will usually come with one bedroom as well as a small open space, perfect to set up your business away from home (but only a few steps away).

When adding an office to your rental property you want to be able to meet and greet clients and even have the facilities to make them a cup of coffee. This is a perfect set up for those looking to set up an office and run a business like massage therapy, hair design, waxing and beauty services as well as other services where you may need to speak to clients and have several meetings each week.

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