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When getting your AK household in order for Alaska moving services, it is important to do things properly. If your Alaska household belongings aren't packed correctly, there is no way to ensure they will not arrive at your new Alaska home intact. These few simple steps suggested by moving services companies and your Alaska renters insurance company will ensure that your items are ready for transport when the Alaska moving services company picks them up.

Breakables and Fragile Items

Any Alaska moving services company will tell you that fragile items must be packed with the utmost care. Other belongings of yours can be packed tightly together, but breakables must be packed lightly and ever so carefully. The first thing to do when packing your valuable items in order to ensure they don't break when they are transferred by the Alaska moving services company to your new AK home is to properly wrap them.

Any Alaska moving services wrapping material can be used for this. You can purchase things like bubble wrap or packing foam from any moving services company, or you can use such household items as newspapers and old rags or clothes. The key is to carefully wrap each item individually. If the item has more than one piece to it (i.e. a teapot with a lid) you will want to wrap this one of two ways.

First, you can pack them together. In order to do this, you will want to stuff the inside with something like a washcloth or a bunch of newspaper (or your purchased Alaska moving services materials) to keep it protected from the inside. Then, secure the parts together using tape. Packing tape will work and you can also purchase this from a moving services company in Alaska, but be careful with it because if the tape bond is too strong you may damage the item. It might be best to secure the pieces together with plastic wrap first, and then secure that with tape or you could create a mess and have to hire some Alaska cleaning services.

The other way you can wrap the separate pieces of one item is to wrap them separately. You will still want to stuff the inside of one or all pieces to keep them from chipping. Again, any material either from an AK moving services company or lying around will work. Then wrap each piece individually. From there you can either tape the two wrapped pieces together as in the instructions above, or you can leave them apart and box them up.

Multiple fragile items can be packed together in the same moving services box. However, it is sometimes better to pack the bottom of the box with other objects such as books and toys, and then lightly fill in the top with a few breakable items. This keeps the breakables from being under any weight pressure. Either way, it is also a good idea to fill in the extra space with packing peanuts purchased from the moving services company or plastic grocery bags to keep things from getting jostled by the Alaska moving services when they haul your boxes.

Household Cleaners and Toiletries

The next thing that will need to be packed with great care for Alaska moving services is your household cleaners. As you know, these bottles can spill and break very easily. If they do so, they could cause great damage to other things they come in contact with.

The first thing to do is to wrap these items in plastic. A garbage bag or a plastic grocery bag will do quite nicely for this. Multiple cleaning supplies can be wrapped together to save space, but you will want to be careful when doing this. Some cleaning supplies become volatile when mixed with other chemicals, and you don't want to have these together in the same bag.

Once you've wrapped the cleaners in plastic, you will want to pack them in something that will further protect everything should the bags fail. A perfect thing to use for this is a garbage can. The plastic of these is strong enough to withstand most any chemicals that might spill. Additionally, the area of a garbage can is small, giving the bottles less opportunity to tip.

If you do not have a garbage can available, or you have more cleaning supplies than garbage cans in your Alaska home, you can use a tote bag as well. Tote bags don't do much in the way of spill protection since they are usually canvas. However, they can be packed very tightly, which again helps keep bottles from tipping over. They are easier to carry than a box as well, since they have handles. If you opt for the tote bag as part of your policy checklist, however we recommend you haul it to your new Alaska home yourself. Alaska moving services crews and trucks as not usually equipped to haul open items like these.

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