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The best Anchorage cleaning services are reliable, affordable and thorough, giving your AK rental unit the deep cleaning that you don't have time to provide. In the middle of a busy move, most renters can't take a few hours to scrub kitchen appliances, wipe down counters, dust baseboards, mop and vacuum floors. However, this doesn't prevent Anchorage landlords from conducting a cleaning inspection when you move out of your apartment.

Cleaning services give you the support you need to concentrate on the aspects of your relocation that really make a difference in your life. If you are moving to Anchorage to accept a new job or start school, you can focus on making arrangements for these important changes instead of dusting or mopping. Let qualified, professional Anchorage cleaning services take over these chores, so that your house or apartment will be fresh and sparkling for the next tenant. You may even get all or part of your cleaning deposit back if you hire professionals to do the job.

Comparing AK Cleaning Companies

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, and its residents represent a significant percentage of this remote state's population. When you're searching for Anchorage cleaning services, you'll have a number of options to choose from in this diverse port city. As you compare companies, consider both the national franchises and the local Anchorage businesses. While national companies may have more financial resources, local Alaska cleaners often make an extra effort to provide professional, personalized service to their Anchorage clients.

A personal touch can sometimes make the difference between the services you use over and over again, and the companies you hire only once. While the cost of services is a key consideration for all Anchorage renters, the quality of service and the professional reputation of the company are also important. Professional Anchorage cleaning services take the time to learn about your needs, your lifestyle, your schedule and your pets. They help you decide which services you require, so that your AK rental home will feel comfortable, fresh and clean.

Reliable Anchorage cleaning services are licensed, insured and bonded. Liability insurance covers your losses or your landlord's costs if property is damaged while your Alaska rental unit is being cleaned. While qualified services take every precaution to protect your apartment, condo or town house while they're in the unit, accidents are a natural part of life. Liability insurance can compensate you if one of your personal belongings is accidentally destroyed.

The internet has made it faster and more convenient than ever to evaluate Anchorage cleaning services before you schedule a cleaner. As you compare quotes from different companies, look for a cleaner with a solid reputation in the community. Don't be hesitant to ask for local references. When you're new to a city, it pays to know about a company's professional reputation before you hire them. After all, the cleaners you hire will be working in your home.

Cleaning Painted Walls

By hiring trained, experienced cleaners to clean you home, you can avoid some of the more difficult, time consuming tasks of housekeeping, like cleaning a pool. However, there are some chores that professional cleaners may not include in their packages. Thoroughly dusting and washing your painted walls may be one of these services. When you wash painted walls, it's important to be careful not to use a harsh or abrasive commercial cleanser that could damage the paint. A mild detergent and warm water are generally safe for most paints.

Before washing walls, dust them thoroughly using a long-handled, dry mop. You can cover the end of the mop with a cotton cloth to facilitate dusting, or use the mop alone. Feather dusters and similar devices will scatter dust rather than removing it. You may need to stand on a chair or secure step stool to dust the crown moldings. Dust from the top down to avoid dispersing dust or streaking the walls. Some Anchorage cleaning services include baseboard dusting as part of a move out package, but you may need to dust the crown moldings.

After the wall has been dusted, wash a section of the painted surface at a time in circular motions, drying each section with a soft, clean cloth after you finish the segment to avoid streaks. Semi-glossy paints are often easier to wash than matte paint. If you ever have the opportunity to paint a room in your rental unit, consider using an easy to clean semi-gloss rather than a matte product.

Anchorage cleaning services will not necessarily take on all of the chores in your household. Windows, carpets, drapes and upholstery are often excluded from their packages. However, dependable Anchorage cleaning services will clean your house or apartment to the best of their ability. Save your time and energy for packing and hire experienced cleaners to restore your rental unit to gleaming condition.

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