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Antioch renters insurance offers you the gateway to greater financial security over the personal property in your home, apartment, or condo. So many renters believe their landlord's insurance is going to cover their losses if a fire breaks out and they lose all their stuff. It's a myth that needs to be demystified. The landlord's policy only covers damage to the building itself. It does not cover your belongings.

Antioch Renters Insurance: Case in Point

Think about the following scenario and see why it's absolutely crucial that you get Antioch renters insurance.

Dave and Mindy just moved into their new California condominium with their two kids. The Friday night after they move in, they have a housewarming party planned and have invited all their friends. Alex, a colleague of Dave's at the college, has recently divorced and is bringing his new girlfriend, Tia, with him to the party.

The ribs are on the grill. The kids are playing happily by the pool, and the party is going well. Shortly after Alex and Tia arrive, however, things go downhill. Alex has already had a few too many scotches before he ever arrives at the party, so he's not in great shape. He goes upstairs to use the restroom and trips over one of the kids' toys, injuring his leg and needing an ambulance. He's already screaming "I'm going to sue you, Dave!"

His girlfriend, Tia, who nobody really knows, and who is actually a young student from the college campus, is upstairs during all the brouhaha and she lifts Mindy's emerald ring, as well as her Louis Vuitton purse.

It's only later that Dave and Mindy realize the property has been stolen. They call the cops and file a report.

What do they do now? Alex is suing Dave for the cost of his medical expenses and he and his wife are out a ring and an expensive handbag. If Dave and Mindy had taken the time to invest in Antioch renters insurance, they'd have this problem covered. They could call the agent, file a claim, including the Antioch, CA, Police report of the theft, and receive reimbursement for the loss. They could also file a claim for the medical costs under their personal liability coverage in their renters policy.

Sadly, they didn't get the Antioch renters insurance coverage, and they had to cover their own losses. The family's happy new life as renters just got kicked down a couple of notches, and this could have been prevented.

If you want the coverage to protect your personal belongings and your personal liability in Antioch, CA, you need to speak to an agent and take care of it early on.

Top Reasons to Buy Antioch Renters Insurance

The first reason to get this coverage is that, when you purchase Antioch renters insurance, you protect your clothes, jewelry, antiques, furnishings, rugs, carpets, appliances, books, computers, collectibles, and anything else you choose to put in the policy. Should anything happen to your belongings, you can replace them easily with renters insurance coverage.

The next reason to get this coverage is that, you are protecting yourself and your belongings against the kinds of events that none of us want to happen to us: fire, water main break, lightning storm, falling objects, vandalism, theft, electrical surge, and other events that can put you in a very unhappy position financially if you have to replace your stuff.

Another excellent reason to get Antioch renters insurance is that, statistically speaking, individuals who rent are more apt to be criminalized than homeowners. This is probably the best and most important reason why renters should get coverage on the belongings in their house, townhouse, or loft. For a low monthly premium, you can prevent the kinds of crime that run rampant on some rental properties.

Ways to Save on Antioch Renters Insurance

You want the most affordable coverage on your insurance in Antioch, California. And, you deserve the best rate you can find. There are many ways you can save on your insurance coverage. One way is to install safety devices. For example, you might consider adding a fire extinguisher, or better yet, a sprinkler system in your place. Also, consider adding a monitored burglar alarm and a carbon monoxide detector. By doing this, you can save big on your insurance premiums covering your personal property in Antioch, California.

Another important way to save is to cover your vehicle with the same Antioch insurance provider. By doing so, you will get a great deal on your rental coverage. Additionally, the insurer may offer special discounts for senior citizens in retirement or to students seeking coverage. Be sure and ask and save more money.

Antioch renters insurance offers you the protection you want when you need it most.