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Use this apartment renters insurance guide to help you get the right coverage for the personal possessions in your home. It's an exciting time when you're moving into a new place. Everything feels so fresh and new. This guide suggests that you can keep that feeling throughout the time you live in your new space by purchasing renters insurance.

With the help of this apartment renters insurance guide, you can easily walk through the steps of obtaining coverage. Your home is your kingdom, and your precious possessions deserve protection. It takes years and thousands of dollars to get the right clothes, the right furniture, and the right electronics to fill up your condominium, townhouse, or apartment. And, it takes only minutes for damage or theft to occur and financial problems to mount. If you get a rental policy, however, you can cover your losses. This apartment renters insurance guide will tell you all you need to know.

Apartment Renters Insurance Guide: Hindsight is 20/20

We spend as much time as possible in the comfort of our house, loft or condo as we can. We want our time to be enjoyable and peaceful. We want our family, our kids, our Mom/Dad/senior citizen to feel safe. To provide this sense of safety, we need coverage. 

This guide offers the following example as to why you should have coverage. Johnny Baker just moved into his new place after a divorce. His daughter, Kim, is a college student living off campus at his place. Kim invites a few friends over one afternoon. As Kim's friend Eric walks toward the kitchen, he trips over the rug and falls, hurting his head. He is unconscious for a few minutes and has a bruise on his forehead. 

In a panic, Kim calls 9-1-1 and an ambulance is dispatched. After it's all over with, Eric is fine. But, Johnny isn't. He gets a call from Eric's parents and they're suing him for damages. Johnny says, "No problem, my landlord's policy will cover this." But, Johnny is wrong. His policy won't cover it. And, he has no rental coverage.

Use the above example in this apartment renters insurance guide as a warning for you about what not to do. Don't let an incident like this sneak up on you. Get coverage and include personal liability in the policy. That way, if someone is hurt on your premises, you can pay the losses. For a low monthly premium, you can avoid the financial costs of such mishaps.

Apartment Renters Insurance Guide: Easy Solutions

If there's any one thing this apartment renters insurance guide hopes to do, it's to help you simplify the process of getting protection to cover the stuff you keep in your place. Whether you're in retirement or a young graduate, you deserve the same level of protection as any homeowner gets. That's why you need to follow the info provided in this apartment renters insurance guide.

First, before you call an agent, this guide suggests you have a look around at what you've got in your apartment. Then, make a list of what you own and how much it's worth. Your agent will ask for this list when you call to determine the amount of coverage you need.

Next, this apartment renters insurance guide recommends that you think about the kind of coverage you want. Do you want actual cash value (ACV) coverage in your apartment renters insurance policy? This kind of coverage will pay you the actual value of the items at the time of loss with some reduction for depreciation. The premiums are quite low on this kind of policy. Alternately, you could select the replacement cost value (RCV) policy. This guide suggest you consider RCV because even though it costs more in premiums, the coverage is better when you experience loss. This is the case because you don't have a depreciation deduction. You be the judge and guide yourself on this one.

Also, this apartment renters insurance guide suggests that you cover high-ticket value items individually in your policy. So, for example, you can cover that antique necklace you have that is priceless for an extra sum. Also, you can cover in your renters insurance policy your comic books that are worth scads of money. These are just suggestions you should consider; let your judgment guide you.

Apartment Renters Insurance Guide-Restoring Normalcy after a Crisis

The Mother Goose rhyme we all remember from childhood goes like this: "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. And all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again." Don't let your life turn out like Humpty Dumpty's. Use this apartment renters insurance guide to secure the right coverage so that if you take a financial tumble after a crisis, your stuff is covered.