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Arizona cleaning services can take care of the home so you can spend more time with your family. Housework is the last thing you want to do after a long work week. Cleaning services handle the big jobs so you only have to do minor tidying up in between visits. A clean, uncluttered home will make you feel more relaxed, relieving you of the stress of a long weekend to-do list.

Families who live in the Arizona desert have to deal with dust that can enter through every opening in the house. This constant layer of dust not only looks unattractive, it can also be harmful to your health. Arizona cleaning services can fight that battle for you. You can choose a schedule of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits, or just a one-time deep clean to give you a clean slate.

Students at the University of Arizona in Tuscon, AZ, and Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ, can hire cleaning services to remedy a year's worth of mess before it is time to move out for the summer. Young professionals in Scottsdale, AZ, can spend less time dealing with housework and more time enjoying the city's nightlife and culture scene. Families all over Arizona find cleaning services to be the answer to not having enough hours in the day. Whatever your cleaning needs, Arizona cleaning services can customize a routine that suits you.

Finding a Match

Choosing a house cleaning service is not as simple as choosing from the phone book. Agencies and individuals should be a comfortable match for the Arizona homeowner. After all, you are letting strangers spend time in your house, and you are paying them to provide a service.

The first step in finding a good match is to ask friends for referrals. Find out who your friends and neighbors use for maid services, and how happy they are with their performance. This will narrow down the list so you can make an informed decision.

Interview several companies. Most firms will do an in-home estimate to let you know their rates based on the size of the home and the amount of work needed. Getting an estimate is a great way to comparison shop, both for prices and personalities. With big firms, there is no guarantee that the same person will come each week, but hiring an independent team allows you to get to know the person cleaning your home. Weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision.

Firms are sometimes thought to be more reliable because there are tiers of management, and they are often national or regional chains. These companies are usually bonded and insured, which are essential for any worker entering your home. Independent teams are not necessarily of lesser quality. They may charge significantly less, and you can get to know them personally. In any case, make sure there are at least two people at the home at all times to protect both you and the cleaners.

Do not hesitate to state your expectations. Arizona cleaning services want their customers happy, so you must voice your preferences. Ask for a list of the products the company uses if you have allergies or special surfaces. Give explicit instructions for handling antiques and valuables. Take charge from the beginning to avoid any mishaps down the road.

Services Offered

Arizona cleaning services perform a wide range of tasks. Regularly scheduled cleanings include basic tasks like sweeping, dusting, mopping, vacuuming and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens. A one-time deep clean for a special occasion would include the same services. Additional jobs can be added at any time.

Special tasks might include polishing silver and woodwork, drapery and upholstery, waxing floors, washing windows and shampooing a carpet. To add jobs like this, call the company ahead of time so they can allot extra time and bill you accordingly. Tasks that can be added to the regular schedule for an additional fee include laundry, dishes and taking out the trash. Some Arizona cleaning services may offer these things standard. Arizona cleaning services can also be used for demanding tasks like organizing a garage or basement.

Pricing for Arizona cleaning services depends on several factors. The frequency of visits and size of the house are the main determinants. Many firms charge extra for pets since spot-cleaning and deodorizing are often necessary. Three-story homes and houses with basements may have an extra fee tacked on for the additional labor. Homeowner who live a significant distance from the company's central location may also have a transportation or mileage fee added to their bills.

Shop carefully for Arizona cleaning services to be sure you get the best price and the best people. Allowing people into your Arizona home can save a lot of stress, but only if you are comfortable in terms of renters safety. Start checking off that to-do list today.

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