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One of the misconceptions about Arizona renters insurance is that if you are renting rather than buying, you don't really need to have any insurance. If you are buying an Arizona home, the bank requires you to take out a homeowners policy, basically as a way of protecting their investment and ensuring that they will be reimbursed in the event of damage. And if you are renting your home, whether it's a house, apartment or townhouse, it is important to make sure that your precious belongings are protected from any damage or loss.

Shopping around for your Arizona renters insurance quote is quick and easy - with just some basic information, we can give you quotes from several different companies. If you are shopping around for a quote, try to compare policy prices from at least several different companies. In addition, varying the amount of the deductible - the amount you are liable for before the renters insurance company pays up - will give you a better comparison; a higher deductible tends to give you a lower premium rate. Of course, you are not only comparing costs, but policy details as well.

Many renters think that Arizona renters insurance is expensive. In fact, the average premium amount paid throughout Arizona is only about $207, according to figures provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners - well worth it for the peace of mind that a policy provides. Whether you are renting a home in Tucson, Phoenix or anywhere else in Arizona, our site can help you to compare the rates and policies when researching Arizona renters insurance.

Why You Need Arizona Renters Insurance

Renters assume that they just don't have enough possessions worth insuring, to justify the cost of renters insurance, although most people own more than they think they do - the typical Arizona renter owns around $20,000 worth of goods, including clothing, electronics, furniture and jewelry. These items are not normally protected under any other policy and a good way to understand their value is to ask yourself how much it would cost to replace everything at once, in the event of loss or damage.

To determine the amount of Arizona renters insurance that you need, you will need to estimate the value of your possessions as best you can. This isn't always an easy thing to do and an insurance agent can help you. You should make a list of all your possessions and list the estimated purchase price, as well as the date purchased. Some goods will have depreciated in value, such as electronic equipment; whereas jewelry and collectible items may be worth more than you paid for them. Once you have your list, make a copy and keep it separately; it's also a good idea to have a photographic record of any items that you consider to be particularly valuable.

In addition to protecting your personal items, Arizona renters insurance can help to protect you in other ways too. Your policy will provide coverage against any damage to another person's property, accidents that occur on your rented property and even against any unauthorized transactions on your credit cards. Arizona renters insurance can help to protect not only your personal belongings, but can save you from having to pay for costly repairs to your Arizona house or condominium.

Renters in Arizona know that they are protected against the cost of repairs, as these are the responsibility of their landlord. However, an Arizona renters insurance policy also provides coverage for those unpredictable things - a leaking pipe, a gas leak or a burglary. If any of your valuable possessions are lost and stolen, they will be replaced; in addition, the policy will also cover any damage to your neighbor's house or apartment too - another good reason to be protected with a renters policy.

Even if you are a student, renting a room in a shared house and living off the campus, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of a renters policy. You own more than you think, once you start to assess the value of things and it's essential to have those belongings - many of them irreplaceable - adequately protected. A policy may cost less than you think and it may also offer coverage for you in case you find yourself living in temporary accommodation in Arizona for any reason.

How to Save Money on Your Arizona Renters Insurance

Although many people throughtout Arizona might think coverage for their home, condo or apartment might be costly, renters insurance isn't expensive to begin with; however, there are certain steps that most renters can take to lower the price of their premium. If your landlord has installed certain security features in your apartment or house, such as deadbolt locks and smoke detectors, you may be eligible for a cheaper policy rate. Having a good credit score may also help to lower the cost of your monthly premium on your Arizona renters insurance. Many companies use a person's credit score to assess how much of a financial risk he or she is.

And if you have health, life or car insurance too, consider bundling all these polices together and taking them out through the same company - it's usually less expensive that way, as the insurance companies will provide you with an incentive to use their services. In fact, if you keep your renters insurance with the same company over several years, you should probably check with them every so often to make sure you are still getting the best rate; they may simply give you a discount for being a loyal customer.

The deductible is also a big factor when it comes to potentially saving money on your Arizona renters insurance cost. The amount that you have to pay out if you make a claim; and before the insurance company covers any costs, is known as the deductible. Many people choose to set the deductible amount at $500; although changing the amount to $1,000 can help to save you money on your premium costs. The amount that you save can vary, although increasing your deductible to $1,000 can potentially save you up to 30%. However, you should be careful when doing this - the higher the amount of your deductible, the more money you will actually have to pay out in the event of ever having to make a claim.

Two things that Arizona renters insurance won't cover are damage from earthquakes and flooding. Renters in Arizona are perhaps unlikely to experience an earthquake, but you may want to take out a separate policy that provides protection against flooding. It will cover you against any damage caused by various other natural disasters - lightning, fire, windstorms, snow and ice. A policy also won't cover damage caused by improper maintenance or shoddy repair work to your Arizona home or condo.

There is no excuse to not have adequate Arizona renters insurance. It's affordable, easy to apply for and offers peace of mind and security for you, your family and your belongings, whether you are a senior citizen enjoying retirement, still working or a student. If you rent your house, loft or apartment, make sure you take the time to choose the policy that works for you and fits your budget.

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