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Once you have been through all the more time-consuming (not to mention energy-consuming) facets of a move, you get to enjoy to some of the fun aspects of living in a new residence. The process of decorating and arranging furniture can prove enjoyable to all of those who are new to a particular residence. However, if you are renting the apartment, townhome, duplex, or house in which you will live for a while, arranging your furniture can take on special significance to you. When you are moving into a space where others have resided previous to you, where there will be other renters after you eventually move, you probably want take measures to make the space truly feel like your own. All decorating efforts, including that of pleasantly arranging your furniture, and completing family yard work, can help you fulfill this personal need.

There are a number of practical considerations that you will take into account when deciding which item of furniture will go in which location around your new home. One of the most prominent factors, however, is your personal sense of style and comfort. Always keep in mind your realistic physical limits when it comes to moving large items of furniture. If you are relatively small in stature and have plenty of heavy items to move, don't try to move them by yourself when you are alone in your residence. You may discover that some moving companies will offer to place your larger furniture items where you would like. If you do find this, however, you will need to make most of your arrangement decisions prior to the arrival of your furniture, and this can be a difficult prospect.

Considerations of Arrangement

There are a number of factors you want to take into account in your personal process of arrangement. Chief among them is the fact that you are not required to go by any preset manual of style when it comes to your own living space and your own items. In light of many different decorative and overall stylistic choices, people have made delightful and practical discoveries by not copying a conventional way of doing things. If you are physically up to the job of moving around most of your furniture items, or if you have friends or family members amenable to helping as you decide on the just-right arrangement, you may end up switching and moving around large items several times before the arrangement strikes you as complete.

In terms of practical considerations, you will need to note how sunlight enters the room for such activities as reading on the couch or watching television (and hoping to avoid a glare on the screen). You will also need to account for the actual size of your living area. If your current living space is either significantly bigger or smaller than the one you had previously, your furniture and other items will probably look a little strange at first placed in such a different context. This can call for creativity on your part as you determine how to make your living space appear filled out but not crowded.

Arranging furniture after moving should result in rooms designed in a way that makes you feel at home and comfortable. A popular trend among homeowners and renters is to consider the "energy" created by certain arrangements of living space items. Whether or not the idea of this appeals to you, it is likely that you will feel more at peace when your furniture is arranged in a way that truly accounts for your needs without leaving your rooms looking overcrowded.

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