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Picture frames are one of the best decorating ideas for your rental property that add a personal touch to every room. Play around with your memorable moments to find the right pictures for each frame. When it comes to arranging picture frames on walls and on furniture, there is no right or wrong way to do it. However, there are a few ideas to keep in mind to make your photos really pop and your captured moments last forever.

Frames come in all different shapes and sizes to suit all budgets and tastes. Younger generations may choose to frame pictures of their pets and best friends in glittery and colorful frames while adults may choose the more traditional wooden frames to show off their beautiful family shots. You can even make your own frame if you are feeling crafty and creative.

Framed Photos for your Walls

Add some flair to your rental home by placing a few framed photos on the bare walls. You can personalize your living space with bundled internet and cable as well as your bedroom with family photos and memorable moments. One of the most common themes for picture frames are your children. How you choose to arrange your pictures on the wall will depend on how many children you have and the space you are using. Most people will pick one great shot of each child to blow up and frame. Choose matching frames for each child. For a hallway you may want to choose four or five photos to fill out the space. Arranging framed photos of your children is also a good way to fill up the walls on your stairway.

Another common picture frame theme is your wedding. Almost every couple will have at least one picture from their wedding day on display. After all, you most likely spent a fortune on the photographer - you might as well frame the work! To make a wedding collage choose two or three of your favorite wedding photos as well as matching frames and organize them on a bare wall. One good option is to use a slender part of the wall and arrange the photos stacked on top of one another with space in between.

Adding Framed Photos to your Decoration

In addition to filling the white space on your walls with framed pictures, you can also add a few pictures to your cabinets and other open spaces. Most people will have a personal photo framed on their desk as well as some family or friend shots on their television cabinet, on their fire place mantel and on other shelves. You may want to stick to the same type of photo frame for each spot but this is up to you.

Can't decide what photos are frame-worthy? Another option for the 21st century is a digital picture frame which allows you to take photos off your camera or computer and play them as a slide show. The digital photo frame acts like a slide show as well as a photo frame in one. You can choose to play all the photos you have (up to a certain amount of memory) or you can choose to 'theme' your slide show. For example, you may want to make a slide show of your children from birth to now or you may want to make a slide show of your last vacation overseas. You can play around with the photographs on the computer and arrange picture frames however you like. Press play and watch your digital photo frame do the work for you.

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