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Living with someone can be as tricky as throwing surprise parties for spouses. When you are coming home to the same person every day and sharing your space you must get along pretty good. However, even if you have been the best of friends forever, sometimes living together can go horribly wrong. If you are currently living with a roommate that you simply cannot stand, then you might find yourself wanting to ask them to move out. So how do you go about doing this?

People are different. Things like when you work, when you go to sleep and wake up, when you eat, what you eat, how clean and tidy you are, how loud you are, when you shower, how long it takes to get ready - all of these things can cause potential problems with you and your roommate. Sometimes being on the same routine works well; sometimes being on opposite schedules works well. And, in many instances, no matter where you are in relation to your roommate, it simply is not working out.

However, being on different schedules is not always the most valid reason to ask your roommate to move out. Sure, you may hate it how she comes in late every night after work but if she works late, then this isn't really a valid excuse to boot her out of the house. Furthermore, in order to decide that your roommate has to go you need to be in main renter. If you have both signed a lease then you will need to break it, even if just one of you moves out. If this is the case then she has every right to remain in the house while you move out as vice versa.

Getting Your Roommate to Go

If you are the main renter and are subletting a room out to your roommate then things are different, especially if your roommate is causing a lot of trouble. Some of the main reasons to ask her to move out include if she is breaking the rules in the lease in any way. If she is smoking in a non smoking apartment, if she is inviting guests over all the time, if she is playing music quite loud at night - all of these things are valid concerns. However, having one loud night is not grounds for asking her to move out either. If the problem repeats itself over and over and over again, even after you have discussed it with her, then you have a problem.

Another reason why many roommates do not work out is if one is not staying on top of the rental payments. If your roommate is consistently late or short on rent then this is a problem. Even if you have known her for fifteen years, it is not up to you to pay her bills. Asking a roommate to move out due to unpaid rent is completely valid.

If you are asking your roommate to move out you can expect a conflict, especially if she does not see it coming. Sit down with her and discuss your feelings and your side of things. Ask her if she sees any other option besides her moving out (can she get you the rent in the next day?).

Give her some time to find a new place. If you and your roommate have been friends for a long time then asking a roommate to move out can cause some animosity between you too, especially when the wounds are still fresh. However, in some instances, moving out and giving one another space is the only way for the friendship to continue to grow.

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