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Having a block party is a lot of fun and a great way to meet the neighbors. Whether you live in a complex or on a street, all you need to get everyone together are a date and a venue. If you want to host the block party on your property and you are renting, then you will need to get permission from your landlord first. How you go about this will make all the difference when getting the go ahead from your landlord.

All landlords are iffy about parties, just as some are about offering rental discounts. After all, parties usually involve a lot of people in one small space, alcoholic beverages, loud music and the chance of disaster. Parties can equate to liability lawsuits and insurance claims as well as messes in the house that cannot be cleaned up with a simple cloth. However, parties can also be a lot of fun which is why you want to host one in the first place.

Getting Permission for a Party

The first thing you need to do is take responsibility for anything that happens. If you do have renters insurance then you may have liability insurance as well which means your insurance provider will pay for the costs if someone is seriously injured on your property. Having this type of insurance alleviates some of the pressure of the landlord and may help sway his decision.

You also need to take responsibility for any major damage to the house, including red stains on the white carpet, ripped furniture or holes in the wall. Of course you don't expect any of this to happen but it might and you need to let your landlord know that if something does happen, you will pay for it out of your own pocket.

Playing Block Party Host

There are plenty of good reasons to have a party, such as birthdays but there are also plenty of dumb reasons. Asking your landlord permission to have a block party is a pretty valid excuse for a party. After all, a block party is a great way to get to know your neighbors.

Your landlord may even want to come; after all, he is part of the community as the owner of the property. Make sure you extend the invite to him as well. If there are any problems with land rights or street issues down the road, it may be your landlord that has to speak to the neighbors and resolve the problem.

When you are asking your landlord permission to have a block party, be polite about it. Give him plenty of warning and make sure you ask before you actually start inviting people. Do not tell him; ask him. Let him know as many details as you know including about how many people you want to invite and the times of the party. Having the party end in the afternoon is going to be much more successful. Having children at the party is also a good way to sway his answer as when children come, adults tend to behave a little better.

Asking your landlord for permission to have a block party or any party for that matter, is something that you must do. If your landlord finds out that you have hosted a party without permission it could be grounds for eviction if this is a no-no in the lease. Furthermore, it is just plain disrespectful. You are renting his home and, while you may pay rent, you do not own the house. Keep this in mind when hosting any type of party.

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