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Many landlords that allow pets in a rental property will include a pet deposit as part of their lease agreement. What this means is that you will need to pay a certain amount before you move in and start designing pet friendly spaces. You will get this amount back if the house is returned in the same condition.

However, if your pet has done any damage (which, let's face it, does tend to happen when you have pets), then your landlord will use the pet deposit money to pay for repairs and fix ups. So how can you be sure you get the pet deposit back when moving day comes? There are several simple yet effective tips to asking for a pet deposit back and actually getting the answer that you want.

When you are moving out of your current place and into a new rental it is a good idea to get rid of your pet ahead of time. If you do not have the keys to your new place yet, then put your dog in a kennel for a night and give the house a good scrub with him not there. This will ensure that you can get to all those minor repairs and leave the house dog-free before you go.

Pet Friendly Apartment Cleaning

It is a good idea to also steam clean the carpets before you go. Your landlord may tack this charge onto your pet deposit but you can expect a much lower cost if you rent one for the day and do it yourself. Renting a steam cleaner can cost as little as $25 per day while having your landlord contact a professional service is going to set you back around $300 in your pet deposit money. Take the initiative to do it yourself and better your chances of getting the full amount back in your pocket.

You should also invest in an air freshener for every room in the house. You can get air fresheners at any grocery store. Having a house that smells nice (and not like smelly dog) will certainly boost your chances of getting the deposit back.

If you notice any bite marks, scuffs or other indications of a pet on the floors, on the furniture or on the walls, then you need to get rid of this as much as possible. This means painting over scratch and bite marks, rubbing out scuff marks and repairing any pieces of furniture that look damaged.

Once you have left the apartment as clean as possible, it's time to ask for the pet deposit back. Make sure your landlord knows what day you are moving out and ask him if he can also return the deposit then as well. You may wish to put it in writing to make it more official and to have proof in the event that you do not receive the money back. If possible, try to stay on while your landlord does the walk through of the apartment. That way you can know what he is claiming is wrong if he does decide to keep some of the deposit.

Asking for a pet deposit back is all part of the moving out process and most landlords are going to be reasonable. However, there are some that will try to pocket the money if they can which is why you need to be on the ball. Ensuring that your request is in writing and doing as much as possible to get rid of any indication that there ever was a pet on the property will give you the best chance of getting your pet deposit back.

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