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Paying rent is a big part of renting a house or apartment. There is not much you can do to get out of this lease or rental agreement without risking eviction. In most instances your landlord will make the rules regarding your rental payments, whether you pay through cash, through automatic deposit, through a check, whether you send it through the mail or give it to him in person - all of these things will depend on what you and your landlord decide.

In most instances rent will be due on the first of the month. This varies depending on landlord or property manager however. Furthermore, if you are unhappy with paying on this date, you may be able to ask your landlord to change the rent due date. In some instances your landlord may allow you to pay rent later on in the month in the right circumstances.

There are several reasons why you may wish to have the rental due date pushed back or changed to a different date. It could happen that your rent is due one day before your pay check comes in and thus you have trouble having the money ready. It might be that your rent comes out at the same time as your student loan repayments, your child support and several other bills and thus it can feel like a debt overload during this time. Or, you may simply wish to balance out your month more by spreading out the payments across the month.

Changing your Rent Due Date

Getting your landlord to change the date back can be tricky and it could be a lost cause, especially if you are working through a property manager company that have a lot of tenants to worry about. You need to make them offer you a special deal and this can be hard. Many people have the same financial responsibilities as you and thus will often all get stung with a lot of bills on the first of the month. Why should you get a different rent due date when the other 100 tenants in the building must make rent by the first? It is up to you to convince them why.

Talking to your landlord or your property manager face to face is your best bet. Write down what you are going to say and make sure you explain your situation. Ask him to set up a meeting so that you can voice your concerns in private and without feeling rushed. He may agree to it if he manages a small building or if you are the only tenant he has.

Instead of asking to push the date back you may look at paying one week in advance every month which may be more suitable for your landlord. It will take a little budgeting on your part but it should spread the monthly bills out a little more. You may also have better luck if you do not have a lease in place which will state the exact date that the rent is due each month.

At the end of the day it is your landlord's decision when asking a landlord to change the rent due date. All you can do is ask, be polite and explain your situation as best as possible. If you are a responsible tenant and there have not been any problems in the past, then you have a much better chance of getting your request granted. If the landlord won't agree, then sit down and look at ways you can better prepare and budget for your monthly due date.

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