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There are a number of different ways you can make the big move from one home to another. After reading the lease and signing the dotted line, you may choose to rent a moving truck or you may choose to go with a moving and packing company that does most of the heavy lifting and hard work for you. Asking friends to help you move is another option when it comes to the big moving day. If you are only moving a short distance and do not have a lot of items then you may choose to save your money and call in a big favor instead of the big moving truck.

Moving Made Easy

Moving from A to B is a pain, no matter how you look at it. However, moving day can be made a lot more fun and less painful with more people to help you out. Having a few friends use their trucks and their muscles to move the big items out of your house will make moving much faster and easier. If you call in three friends to help move your items, then you will get the job done three times faster, especially if they all have vehicles to transport items as well. However, you need to be willing to reward your friends for being there for you and helping you out.

It is a good idea to move all delicate items yourself when asking a friend to help you move. After all, you can't very well demand that they pay for a broken picture frame when they are doing you a favor in the first place. By taking control of your most personal items and moving them yourself, you are avoiding any fights or conflicts if something does break. If you are quite particular with your items then it might be better to hire a professional to help you move. That way you don't have to worry about accidental drops or damage to your favorite plate set.

Big Move, Bigger Favor

When asking your friends to help you move, give them plenty of warning. While it might be fun to trick them into 'coming over' when it fact you have a day's worth of moving to do, this is not going to go over well with your friends. Furthermore, take the time to organize as much as possible. Have everything packed and labeled and ready to go out the door ahead of time so that your friends only need to move and drive. That way the job will go a lot faster and you do not have to worry about them packing the wrong things in the wrong boxes.

If you expect the day to be a long one then it is also a good idea to supply some snacks or lunch for your friends. Make a trip to a takeaway store and shout them some fish and chips. Or spend a few minutes ahead of time packing up some sandwiches and supplying some soft drink so your friends can have a break and enjoy some food in between their hard work.

You may not feel comfortable giving your friends money for helping you out and they may not accept it; after all, doing favors is what friendship is all about. You can, however, offer them a case of beer, treat them to a nice dinner out or surprise them with flowers and a gift card to their favorite book store for helping out. A little gift to say 'thanks mate' is a lot more personal and more polite than offering them a $50 bill when asking friends to help you move.

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