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Helping with a charity is a noble way to give back to your community or to an organization in which you believe in. While contributing money is one of the ways in which you can help, many people that do not have a lot of money to spend will look for other ways to offer their services and support. One of the ways in which you can help a charity is to raise awareness and funds through door to door donation collection. However, asking your neighbors to contribute to a charity can easily become awkward and problematic if not handled the right way, they may complain of solicitations and you may not be able to renew your lease. Make sure you are tasteful and polite when asking your neighbors to contribute to a charity in order to get the best results and not step on any toes in the process.

Door to Door Donations

Collecting donations for a charity can be handled a number of different ways. You may choose to take a pushy salesman point of view or try to gain the empathy or sympathy of your neighbors. You may choose a passive selling point or you may choose to get their attention aggressively. The most important thing to remember when trying to get your neighbors to donate to a charity is that they need to feel comfortable. While pushing them into contributing their savings account will get you results, it may also cause problems with your neighbors down the road. The best approach when it comes to asking your neighbors to contribute to a charity is to be polite and respectful of their wishes.

If you are going door to door make sure the sales pitch is short and sweet. Let you neighbors know that there is obligations to donate and that this is something that you are personally passionate about. Your neighbors will respect your passion and will most likely be happy to help, if they can. Let your neighbors know that even the small amounts matter, such as a few dollars. Handing over a spare 5 dollar bill is much easier than writing a check for $200. Accept anything you can get.

When asking your neighbors to contribute to a charity you need to be considerate of their beliefs as well as their needs. A lot of people are tight for money these days which means they may not have any extra change to donate, even if it is for a good cause. You need to be respectful of their needs first. If your neighbor declines, do not push it. Do not try to persuade them with phrases like "come on, it's for a good cause" as this can cause further discomfort and embarrassment.

Collecting for Charity Tips

Another way to go about collecting funds for a charity is to hold a bake sale, a garage sale or a car wash to raise funds as well as awareness. Your neighbors may be much happier to contribute if you are not pushing them to do so and letting them come to you. Furthermore, by offering a service in exchange for a contribution, you are also helping the charity more than if you are just going door to door. A car wash, bake sale or other activity is also a lot more social and a lot more fun than door to door sales calls.

Most people are happy that you are asking neighbors to contribute to a charity, if they have the funds to do so. However, by declining many of your neighbors are indirectly telling you that money is tight right now. This is not something anyone really wants to admit which is why you need to accept this fact and move on.

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