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A garage is used to store cars. Most homes will come with a one or two car garage that keeps your vehicles out of the harsh weather conditions. Many people will choose their garage as a storage shed instead of a car park; it is up to you. If your home doesn't have a garage then you may want to consider adding one. Even if you are renting your home you can still buy easy-to-install portable garages that can move from one home to another if you do decide to relocate. Another option is to speak to your landlord about attaching a permanent garage to the home. You may choose to split the costs or your landlord may be happy to pay for the addition as it will add value to the home in the long run and you can help with keeping outside windows clean.

Benefits to a Garage

Attaching a garage comes with plenty of benefits. Because there is a place to keep the cars, there is more room for a front yard. Attaching a garage, as mentioned above, will add value to the home and also makes the house seem a lot bigger. After all, a garage is not just for keeping your vehicles at night; it can be used for anything - a third bedroom; a storage room; a band practice hall. Even if you are using your garage as a car park, you may still have space to keep a shoe rack, your tools and your gym equipment, saving more room in the house for other items and less clutter.

Attaching a garage will also provide your home with more security and protection. A garage will make it a lot harder for thieves to get into your vehicles at night but it will also help keep your car safe from poor weather conditions. Leaving your car in the driveway means that it is susceptible to everything that comes out of the sky, from rain and hail to sun and snow. Furthermore, there is no protection from serious wind storms where branches can fall and debris can cause damage to your car. When your car is parked in a garage, you can rest easy knowing it is parked safe undercover and out of harm's way.

Portable Garage Units

If you are renting and your landlord is not too happy on adding a permanent garage to the home then you can opt for a portable garage system which provides shade and protection for your car. A portable garage is similar to a gazebo but for your vehicle. As long as there is a flat ground, you can put up a portable garage. Portable garages are not usually attached to the home so you may want to only store your cars inside the garage; however, it does offer an easy and affordable way to keep your cars safe if your home doesn't have a garage.

Whether you are attaching a portable garage or a permanent addition to the home, make sure you shop around and compare what's out there. Look for a building company with experience and credentials as well as high ratings with the Better Business Bureau and Builders Associations. That way you know you are getting a high quality garage for your money. Make sure you always discuss your plans with your landlord before commencing any project. If you do decide to add on a permanent garage with your own money you will still need permission from your landlord. Adding a permanent garage requires approval from building codes and council laws as well as a change in insurance and other documentation so work together with your landlord when attaching any type of garage.

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