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Having birds visiting your backyard can be a wonderful thing, just like making party decorations from scratch. Imagine being able to watch singing cheerful birds from your own living room couch. However, you need to have the right setting in order for birds to visit and stay. This means you need to set up your home so that it is attractive to birds by investing in a few essential items and keeping your yard bird friendly.

Watching birds in your area from the comfort of your own home is a rewarding experience. Planting native trees and shrubs can make it even more attractive to birds. Try to model your garden and backyard on the natural forests and wildness areas which can give you a better chance of attracting bird to your backyard. However, you don't want to let the area grow too natural and overgrown which can make it harder for birds to navigate through and can also attract other unwanted critters such as snakes.

Making your Backyard Bird-Friendly

You can also heighten your chance of attracting birds to your backyard by reducing your lawn area and planting native fruit bearing trees which birds love. Bottlebrushes and grevilleas, for example, are two lovely options that can attract beautiful birds such as the house sparrow. You may also look at placing a bird feeder in a tree or a humming bird feeder close to your home which will also attract birds.

Once a bird know that there is a resource of food that is safe (no cats around), then it will come back time and time again. In fact, you may start noticing the same bird arrives at the backyard tree every day around the same time. This can be a wonderful way to start your day and a much more tranquil addition to your regular routine than some of the other tedious daily tasks that you must do.

Creating a Backyard Bird Oasis

One thing to remember, however, that if you are using fruit trees to lure birds in is that you may also attract other unwanted animals including bears and rats. Do not let the food fall to the ground and rot which will lure rodents to your yard. Stick to a small fruit tree and ask for assistance at the gardening shop about the best trees to lure in birds.

Birds also enjoy a cool drink of water every now and again so adding a birdbath to your property is also a good idea. However, it may take the birds several weeks to actually find the water so be patient. Use a shallow dish approximately 2 meters from the ground and place to dish near a small shrub. The birds can use this water to drink, to bathe and also to preen in.

One thing that can ruin your chances of creating a backyard bird sanctuary is the presence of pets. Keep your pets indoors, especially cats, as they prey on birds. Dogs are also a problem as, while they may not eat them, they will bark and scare the birds away.

It may feel like you have tried everything to get birds to come to your house and nothing is working. Don't give up yet. Birds are constantly on the move and looking for new places to explore; they may have just not stumbled upon your oasis quite yet. Attracting birds to your backyard is not going to happen overnight but if you be patience, try different spots and different types of bird food, then eventually they will come.

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