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Austin renters insurance is a smart move for anyone living in the Austin area. Why? Because you never really know what could happen to your rental property when you are away from home. Although your landlord's coverage will take care of any damaged incurred to the apartment, townhouse, condominium or house, your possessions are not protected under his insurance. This means, in the case of a theft, a fire, a flood, a tornado or any other natural disaster, you could end up losing all your belongings without compensation. Still not sure if Austin renters insurance is really the right move for you? Below are three additional reasons to opt for insurance when working, living and renting in Austin. Getting cheap renters insurance quotes is quick, easy and free through this website. Get your free renters insurance quotes now!

You Can Afford Austin Renters Insurance

Many people wonder how much renters insurance costs when shopping for coverage. It's Affordable: Austin renters insurance will cost you around $15-20 per month which is around $.50 per day. This is less than most pay for the daily newspaper. The national average for rental insurance is around $240 and you should be paying similar annual costs. Even those without a steady income, such as a college student or senior citizen, should look into renters insurance. After all, without a steady stream of income, it is even harder than ever to replace any stolen computer equipment or damaged furniture. And, with the piles of essays and assignments due, who has the time?

It's Easy to Get: Austin renters insurance is not only affordable but also hassle-free. All you need to do is fill in your zip code and you will be connected to several Austin renters insurance quotes from a variety of respectable renters coverage companies. You can navigate through the various quotes and policy options to determine which one is the best for your lifestyle. There is no need to waste your day looking through Austin renters insurance brochures and meeting with sales agents- all you need to do is click and select.

It's Essential in Austin: as most Texas residents know, living in this beautiful southern state certainly has its perks. However, it also certainly has its problems and one of these issues is with the uncontrollable climate. Texas currently ranks #1 in tornado occurrences with an average of 139 per year. Additional natural disasters include thunderstorms, tropical cyclones and hurricanes. Furthermore, because Austin is so dry and arid, there are also constantly fire warnings. And, finally, due to the tropical life style, many people will make use of air conditioners, fans and other electrical devices that can sometimes cause electrical fires as well as leakage issues in your building. If someone's air conditioner blows up and leaks into your loft, then how are you supposed to pay for the damaged couches and rug? Austin renters insurance, that is how. If you live in this bigger and better state, you need to have Texas renters insurance.

Austin is a Great Place to Live

For those who are new to the capital city of Texas, then you might be wondering what you can expect. Austin is all about laid back living with just the right mixture of city-life hustle thrown in. This beautiful city has recently seen a rapid growth in population, now at $700,000 and the average cost of living is 7% below the national average . Austin features cutting-edge music, trendy restaurants and a temperate year round climate for those outdoor lovers. There are trails to explore, swimming holes to conquer and parks to relax in.

There are a number of excellent areas to live in Austin and more apartment complexes are being built every day due to the rapid increase in population. You can expect rental apartment's costs of $600 for a one bedroom, $850 for a two bedroom, and a little more for those newer executive apartments. Some of the trendy neighborhoods to check out include the Northeast area which is conveniently located close to downtown but offers reasonably priced homes; the University area, where the rent is a little cheaper and the lifestyle a lot crazier; and the South, where you can expect $500 per month for a one bedroom apartment and $1,000 per month for a four bedroom home. For those looking for the best family suburbs check out Round Rock and Georgetown .

What Type of Austin Renters Insurance?

One more thing you will need to consider when it comes to your Austin renters insurance is what type of insurance you need. This will come down to what you own, what you want to protect and what kind of lifestyle you live.Essentially there are three different types of renters coverage. Be sure to look into all three when comparing Austin renters insurance quotes.

Personal property coverage will pay to repair or replace your personal property up to your policy's dollar limit. Most people will have a personal property limit of around $20,000 to $30,000. Personal property insurance often comes with limits for various categories including cash, valuable papers, business, jewelry, watches, furs and furniture. You may need to buy additional coverage in some of these categories, especially if you are avid collector of a certain item such as painting, antiques or jewelry.

Many people are unaware that most Austin renters insurance personal property coverage will also protect your belongings when you are traveling away from home. You will usually be covered for 10% of the amount of the policy for your luggage and personal items that may be lost, stolen or damaged when traveling.

Loss of use is another type of Austin renters insurance and covers the expenses incurred if you must relocate to a new rental property during a natural disaster or problem. If your home is being fixed due to a flood, a leak, a fire or anything else, loss of use coverage will pay for living expenses such as food and housing. This is something that many renters will skip, only to regret it later. Loss of use is usually calculated at 20% of the policy's personal property coverage. So, if your personal property coverage is $50,000 then your loss of use coverage (if you choose to get it) would be $10,000.

Finally, personal liability renters insurance is another option to look in to. With personal liability renters coverage, you are protected against any charges or claims if someone is injured in your home. If you have a dog that bites a neighbor, then personal liability renters insurance will pay if he decides to press charges. If someone slips on some water in your condo, then personal liability coverage will help you out if there are serious medical and legal implications. The last thing you want to worry about is a court case against you - with Austin renters insurance, you are covered.

Regardless of what policy you go with and what limits you choose, it's important to always shop around and do a quick comparison to assess what is out there. Austin renters insurance should cost you around $15 to $20 per month or around $160-260 per year. If you are paying more than this, find out why and do a quick online comparison to see if another renters premium is perhaps the better choice. Austin is an excellent place to rent, live and call home - however, you should always protect your belongings with Austin renters insurance. You just never know what Mother Nature has in store this season.

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