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Barbequing is a refreshing change from the stove top and oven casseroles you make for dinner. Barbequed food has a distinct taste and many people prefer a good ol fashion barbequed meal over a regular meal. There are several pros to placing a barbeque on your balcony but if you are renting you need to have permission from your landlord or property manager first.

When you are renting in an apartment complex there is a good chance that you actually won't be allowed a barbeque on your balcony due to it being a fire hazard. A fire can start and this can cause devastation to several apartments in the complex. This has happened several times in the past and thus many building associations have banned barbeques, even portable ones, from apartment complexes.

However, to compensate for this rule, you may have a barbeque facility in the main complex area which allows you to barbeque around the pool area, as long as it is not a dirty apartment community pool. If you are lucky there will be bbq pits near the pool as well as tables and chairs for the tenants and renters to use. This can make for a delightful change of eating dinner in your own apartment every night and also provides a better and more natural setting if you are hosting a bbq dinner.

If you are renting a house then the landlords may be more lenient towards letting you have a bbq in the backyard or on your balcony if the area is much larger. When there is more space to cook then there is less chance of a disaster; however, with this being said, you still need to be careful when barbequing, regardless of where you are. Make sure you always turn the gas off after you are finished and that you only use appropriate tools to light the fire.

BBQ Shapes and Sizes

Bbqs come in several shapes and sizes from traditional hot plates to portable systems that you can pack up and take anywhere with you. If you are renting an apartment or have a small balcony than a small portable system is probably your best bet. While you won't be able to cook up a feast all at the same time, you probably also won't be hosting twenty people over for dinner in a small apartment.

The good thing about a smaller bbq is that you can take it with you when you go camping or on a picnic to the beach. You can bring your bbq with you and have a traditional roast anywhere you are. This makes for an excellent alternative to sandwiches and roasted hot dogs when you are camping or picnicking.

If you have a larger area and do plan on cooking up a big fish or a few pounds of meat for your friends and family then it is nice to have a bbq facility that can handle a larger load. If this is the case then you might look into a more functional and larger hot plate that can handle the pressure of a feast. You can cook several different items at once on a bbq hot plate, from a traditional breakfast with bacon, eggs and sausages to a roast lunch with veggie kabobs and chicken.

For dinner, throw some prawns and hamburgers on the barbeque. There is an endless amount of things you can cook when barbequing on your balcony. Many barbeques will come with a cook book or you can buy a recipe book that can help you with the right seasonings for various foods as well as cooking techniques to provide your friends and family with a crispy meal every time.

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