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Bay View renters insurance pays for damages you have incurred as a renter. One of the main ways that this valuable Milwaukee renters coverage comes in handy is with your contents. Unless you are renting a fully furnished home you probably have brought your own belongings. You need to properly insure these things in the event of any type of damage or theft to them. Bay View renters insurance protects from damage due to theft, fire, storms and many natural disasters among other perils.

Get to know your options when it comes to Bay View renters insurance. Wisconsin rental coverage starts at as little as $12 per month for a standard policy and this can cover all your contents up to $30,000 as well as $100,000 of liability coverage. For many renters in Bay View, this is plenty and is only a fraction of the cost of a traditional Bay View homeowners policy.

You can compare policies and Bay View providers right here online. Get the right advice on buying Bay View or WI rental coverage and insure under a trusted and experienced Milwaukee provider. Having the security that Bay View renters insurance can provide is literally priceless but you can get it all for less than $200 per year!

Contents Insurance WI

Having contents insurance in place is an important part of Bay View renters coverage. What contents protection does is offer you compensation for the items that are damaged or stolen in any type of peril as listed on your policy. On a standard policy this will generally include riot, civil commotion, theft, fire, arson, storm damage, rain, hail, snow, ice, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis and landslides. It will generally not include flood or earthquake protection as these are usually considered an optional rider that needs to be added onto your Bay View renters insurance policy.

How much you get back for your contents depends on the terms and conditions of your policy. If your house is damaged by a fire and you lose a $2000 couch due smoke damage, then you will not necessarily get $2000 back for it. This depends on what type of Wisconsin renters policy you have insured under.

Under a standard policy depreciation is considered which means your $2000 couch will not be worth this much these days. Instead it may only be worth around $800 and thus this is what you will get back. The value of your couch will be calculated depending on what other couches in this condition are going for. This means that you may not be able to go out and buy a brand new expensive leather lounge without using some of your own out of pocket money to do so.

One option you have is to insure under a replacement value policy which does not take depreciation into consideration. What this means is that you will get more for your items and you will be offered a higher price. You may get $1800 for your $2000 couch and thus be able to buy a brand new one without any additional costs. However, to insure under this type of Bay View renters insurance policy it is going to cost you a little more in your premiums.

Bay View Valuables Insurance

Another option you have is to insure your more expensive items with additional coverage known as valuables protection. Things like cost a fair amount, such as expensive lounges, watches, jewelry and paintings can be added to this section of the Bay View renters insurance policy. You will be offered a higher price if any of these items are damaged or stolen so you can replace them fully. Of course, the harsh thing about these valuables is that often they are not replaceable. Having a little compensation for them can help ease the pain and loss however.

Compare Renters Insurance Milwaukee

There is more to Bay View renters insurance than just contents protection. All standard renters insurance policies also come with liability insurance, something that is included on all homeowners policies, for renters as well as homeowners across Wisconsin. Contents protection is a form of coverage that pays for medical related costs in the event of a serious injury on your WI property. This is an important thing to include on your coverage and will generally start at $100,000 in coverage.

Loss of use coverage is another popular form of Bay View renters insurance. What this type of coverage offers is protection for related expenses involved in having to move or leave after an accident. While you are not responsible for paying for the damage to the Milwaukee home, you will need to find somewhere else to live while the repairs are made. Loss of use coverage pays these costs for Wisconsin renters.