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For many people renting an apartment, decorating your bedroom is one of the last things you worry about. After all, you have the living room to worry about first! If you are in the midst of moving in or are looking to change the decor of your home, then keep these simple yet stylish tips in mind for decorating a delightful boudoir.

Bedroom Furniture and Wall Space

Most bedrooms do not have much room. You will most likely have a bed, a dresser or vanity table, a closet and a bedside table (or two). You need to choose furniture that actually fits in your room and that allows you to move freely, and also something that won't be torn to pieces by your new kitten. You don’t want to bump your knee every time you get out of bed or have to move your vanity table every time you need to open your closet door.

Bedroom decorations really comes from the pillows and comforter you choose as well as your curtain selection, any wall decals and any lamps, photos or other accessories for the bedside table. This makes bedroom decoration simple; however, it also makes it easy to over clutter your room, especially if you have too many things hanging from the walls.

If there is a lot of empty wall space then try to stick to one theme. Perhaps you can decorate by framing a couple pictures of family or perhaps you can look for a wall decal to add more texture to the bed frame. Wall decals come in a number of shapes, colors and options. One of the more popular choices is flowers or leaves that ‘grow’ out of your head board. A mirror is also a good choice to add depth to your bedroom as well as widen out the space.

Bedroom Decoration Color and Accessories

You can choose to use any color scheme in your bedroom but many will prefer to keep it light with soft and soothing colors. After all, your bedroom is for sleeping and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed and over stimulated in a room that shouts too much color. Light blues, greens, pinks and yellows are all comforting and great to decorate with. If you want to go with a brighter bolder color, then look at accessorizing with just a splash of a bold color, such as with pillows or with wallpaper trim.

Decorating your bedroom is also about organization. A restful night’s sleep is usually found in a room where everything has its place (an d you can actually find the bed amidst the pile of clothes). Make use of any drawer space to hold your clothes, books and other items. If you find that you have a pile of shoes, books, magazines or stuffed animals on the floor, look for a unique basket or container that matches your room décor to hold these items. You may also benefit from using a treasure chest to hold your blankets and other items that need a more permanent home other than your floor.

Often it’s the little things that make a big difference when it comes to your bedroom decorations. Look for items that match your main color scheme. A throw rug, a basket for your shoes, a piece of artwork – all of these things can add that little extra something to your room that will help create a unique and colorful design. Keep in mind that your bedroom is the most personal room in the apartment or house. Add candles, incense, pictures of loved ones and trinkets that personify you and may be too personal for the other areas in your home.

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