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Bedroom organization allows you to get a much more peaceful and relaxing sleep. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much calmer and more relaxed you feel at night and when you wake up if your bedroom is tidy and organized. Wake up on the right side of the bed every morning by re-organizing your bedroom and releasing yourself from clutter.

How to Organize your Bedroom

Bedroom organization does not have to be as frustrating as handling rude neighbors is not just about finding the feng sui in your room. While many people will practice feng sui and organize their furniture to match this choice, you do not have to. Many people sleep better with their bed facing the door while many others get just as good as sleep with their bed pushed up against a window or in a corner. This is entirely up to you.

Bedroom organization refers to being able to find anything you need in an instant and being able to crawl into your bed at night without stumbling over clothes, shoes and magazines from last month. What this means is investing in some elegant pieces of furniture for your bedroom that can help you keep things organized and in place.

Simple storage solutions for your bedroom can help keep the clutter away. Look for a treasure chest for your bed that can store blankets and other items. There are several treasure chests that also double as a seat which can add another dynamic to your room. Look for a wicker basket for the corner to keep your shoes, books or magazines. Invest in a shelf system for the corner to hold your hair products, makeup and photo albums that are currently everywhere. You can find pieces that are not only practical but also elegant. Choose colors and furniture that complement your bedroom paint, wallpaper and bedspread.

Organizing your Closet

You cannot have an organized bedroom without having an organized closet. Your closet is probably one of the most cluttered areas in the house as most people use their closet to store items that don’t have a place anywhere else. This includes things like your clothes and shoes as well as old books, bills, gifts, toys and anything else that you ‘will get to later.’

Set a few hours out of your busy schedule to de clutter your closet. This means throwing away or donating any items that you do not wear or need anymore. It also means investing in a storage system, either some containers or shelves to keep all your items such as blankets, pillows, sheets, shoes, ties, paperwork and books. You will feel so much better in the morning when you go to get dressed and can actually find your clothes amongst the rubble!

While you are throwing out and donating items, head over to your vanity drawers and do the same with your other items including your socks that are missing the partner, your underwear that has holes in it and any old t-shirts that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Your drawers will actually be able to open and shut with ease and you will be able to find lost items that you haven’t seen in ages.

Once your bedroom is organized and you are happy with where everything is, you will have a much easier time keeping it this way. If there is something out of place, then you know where it goes. While clutter is bound to build up over time as you accumulate more items, all it takes is a few hours of bedroom organization every once and a while to re-organize and de-clutter.

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