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Hurricanes are intense pressure systems that form over waters. Winds in a hurricane can travel in a clockwise direction and may ready the speed of over 200 miles per hour. What this means for renters and homeowners living in the direction of a hurricane is that you could be looking at serious damage to your property. The severe winds can extend for hundreds of miles from the calm 'eye' of the storm meaning that homes well away from the direct path can still face damage from a hurricane.

Being prepared for hurricanes is something that all homeowners should do, even if you do not live near the coast. Hurricanes can cause serious damage and destruction as we have all seen in the past years. When you are preparing your hurricanes you need to prepare your home, your yard and yourself for such an event.

Hurricane Damage and Destruction

There are a number of dangers to hurricanes including destructive winds, heavy rainfall and damaging storm surges or tidal waves. Hurricanes can not only destroy homes but they can also damage vegetation and turn debris into dangerous missiles. Hurricanes can also result in heavy rainfall which can cause extensive flooding and landslides which are also extremely dangerous. Flooding and landslides can even result in drowning and death which is why it is critical to be prepared.

If you know that a hurricane is making its way near your home then it is critical that you get your plan into action. Waiting until the last minute to leave is often too late as the roads can be congested and may even be closed. This means you need to keep your yard clean and have an evacuation kit and plan in place well before the event.

If you are in the evacuation area then make alternative arrangements with a friend or family member. If you do not have anyone close by then you can look for the closest evacuation center to your home. Make sure you have a plan for your pets as some evacuation centers will not allow you to bring your dog in with you.

Preparing for Hurricane Damage

Make an evacuation plan with your entire family just as you would have every family member practice routine fire drills. Make sure you have all the phone numbers you may need at short notice somewhere safe and have a bag already packed. In an evacuation kit you should have food, water, first aid supplies, blankets, clothes, diapers and formula if you have a baby, a radio and plenty of batteries. Try to keep these items together in a safe and sturdy container ready to go. You may also want to invest in a water proof case for your important documents such as your passports, birth certificates, insurance papers and anything else you do not want to be without.

Being prepared for hurricanes also means preparing your home. Make sure your cars are located under a garage or undercover. Take the time to clear out any debris, toys, outdoor furniture and branches in your home as these can turn into dangerous hazards.

If a storm surge hits and you are in the storm surge area (close to the water), then you need to place sand bags under all your doors. All renters should unplug all appliances and turn off the main supply of paper. If you are not evacuating your home, then bring everyone into the strongest area in the home, such as your bathroom and stay together. All of these things are critical when being prepared for hurricanes and ensuring the best outcome after this devastating natural disaster.

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