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The best pets for a rental unit are ones that are allowed. Many landlords do not allow pets in their apartment complex so before you select any animal to bring home, you need to get the all clear from your landlord. Even small pets, such as birds and lizards need to be approved by your landlord just in case. Fish, in most instances, are allowed in all apartment settings. In addition to a pet that is actually allowed to live in your apartment, the best pets for a rental unit are small and manageable.

Pets in Rental Apartments

Every pet has its pros and its cons. A lizard or frog, for example, is easy to manage but can also be smelly. A bird can be a lovely companion but are also quite loud when they sing or talk. A cat can be cuddly but they can also run away and get annoyed in small spaces. A dog can be your best friend but may become distressed if locked inside a small unit while you are at work.

When it comes to choosing your pet, like when cleaning out your closet, you need to consider your lifestyle. Do you have young children that may be frightened by the noises a bird makes? Do you work long hours and are strapped for time and thus unable to take your pet for a walk every day? Do you have a steady income that can pay for the additional costs of certain pets, such as vaccinations and trips to the vet? Do you have the space for a pet’s cage, crate or aquarium? Are you looking for a pet that will live six month or sixteen years? All of these questions need to be considered when choosing your pet.

Choosing your Pet

A cat can be a great pet for a rental unit as they live for a long time and will be a loyal friend to come home to. Most cats are happy to lounge around all day as long as there is plenty of attention when you are home. Many cats, however, are not too happy with young children screaming and yelling so you might want to consider a different animal if you have little ones at home.

Reptiles and amphibians are also good pets if you have young children as they can easily help you with the cleaning and feeding but your pet does not need constant attention and care. A turtle will not get upset if you go to work every morning and a lizard will not care if you do not walk it at night. As long as you feed them regularly and keep their home clean, then reptiles are happy and easy to please.

If you choose to get a dog then it is important that you do your research before investing in the first dog that licks your face at the pet store. All puppies are small and manageable but many will grow into large breeds that need a backyard and plenty of exercise. Working dogs, such as Border Collies, German Shepherds and Kelpies, for example, are more likely to become destructive and even depressed in a small apartment setting.

Terriers and toy dogs, on the other hand, are quite happy to live in a smaller unit. Before you select any dog for your rental unit, you need to find out the facts – their temperament, their size, their ideal living conditions, etc. Do a little research when it comes to selecting the best pet for your rental unit. The more you know, the better prepared you will be to bring your new friend home.

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