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Hiking the trails can be a delightful activity that gets your heart pumping and rejuvenates your spirit with sights, smells, and sounds of the great outdoors. If you personally enjoy hiking, you may find yourself particularly fidgety in the days following the birth of a baby, those days when you are primarily indoors and completely wrapped up in learning the routine of your newborn. The fortunate news for those who enjoy the heart-healthy benefits, and the many other benefits, of hiking is that there are plenty of trails considered navigable and safe for you and Baby.

There is no reason why you should give up your hiking once an infant has joined the family. In fact, some parents consider newborns contentedly cooing in their strollers to be the ideal incentive to enjoy hiking trails. Once you learn the demeanor and basic preferences of your newly arrived son or daughter, you will be able to make judgement calls on what your infant finds relaxing. For many babies, the change of scenery involved in scoping out the outdoors is exciting, fascinating, and able to squelch protestations or problems like your upcoming move-out that had moments before seemed serious.

Factors of a Good Trail

Not all hiking trails are conducive to walks with a stroller. The ones that are not recommended to you if you will be pushing a stroller include those with a number of steep inclines, hilly landscapes, and those with minimal shade coverage. Other factors that you may want to consider are how long and winding are the trails you're contemplating. There are some hiking trails that make enormous loops before connecting back to your point of origin. Because you know neither how much stamina you will be able to exert while pushing your stroller around nor how long your infant's content will keep up, you will probably not want to opt for an especially lengthy trail.

While this stipulation might sound remarkably simple, it is a very important one: you will want to locate a trail deemed safe and secure. Accustomed hikers usually know the terrain of various area trails well, though people who are new to the prospect of hiking, having only started after a child's birth, are usually unacquainted. Before packing up your stroller and driving your child and yourself to a new hiking trail, make sure to research if there are wild animals known to occupy any forested area around the trails. Another thing you will want to find out about that goes frequently overlooked is the matter of insects.

Some trails that wind through wooded areas are known to also be the shared passageways of ants and other bugs. Depending upon the area in which you live and the time of year you attempt your hikes, you might be up against a troublesome infestations of "carpenter" ants. While you naturally would not wish to encounter these large ants even if you were hiking on your own, there are factors entailed by the process of walking with a stroller that make the ants and similar bugs on the ground even more problematic. For one, you normally cannot walk over and through them quite as quickly when pushing a stroller.

The best stroller friendly trails are usually those that are not overly long and provide short passages back to your starting place. You will probably also find it very important to locate a trail that offers substantial shade. Even in moderately warm temperatures, parents tend to worry about their children becoming too hot throughout the course of a long walk. Finding a trail with plentiful shades from overhead tree limbs will help.

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