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College student have several options when it comes to accommodation. While some will choose to stay with Mom and Dad for a little while longer (and save on that dreaded monthly rent check), others will opt for on campus accommodation. You may also want to consider off campus housing and student share homes which provide a little more space and freedom for college students. Be sure to consider what type of housing will work best for your individual lifestyle, your belongings and your budget.

On Campus College Housing

College student dorms are fairly standard. Most will come with a single bed, a closet and a desk per student. If you are sharing your dorm with a roommate, then there may be two single beds (sometimes in a bunk bed format), two desks and two closets. You may also choose to bring additonal furniture items to spruce up your room much as a bedside table, a hot plate (if you are allowed), a reading lamp and a mini fridge to keep late night snacks. Dormitories will usually come with a common room per floor which will include a small kitchenette, couches and a television. You will also share a laundry facility and a bathroom with the people on your floor.

Most college dorms will allow you to change the furniture layout for an extent. You may be able to choose where you want the desk and bed to go to best suit your personal space. You may want your bed close to the window or you may choose to make a makeshift room by blocking the desk from the entrance for easier amphibian care. That way, when it comes time to sit down and study, you have fewer distractions in your ‘office.’

One of the reasons why on campus housing is a good option is because you will have everything you need right in front of you. You will have access to the student cafeteria for meals and you will be within walking distance to the library and all your classes. However, you will also be missing out on having your own personal space (kitchen, bathroom, etc) and may have trouble sharing your life with 30-100 other students living in the same dormitory.

Off Campus College Housing

One of the best floor plans for college students is off campus housing or cluster housing accommodation. This is because you will get more personal space. Off campus housing are usually share homes designed for students. Most will come with three to five bedrooms, a common living area, kitchen and one or more bathrooms. You will have the responsibility and freedom of cooking your own meals and keeping everything tidy.

While you will still be close to campus, you will most likely not be on campus which means you need to be motivated to actually get up in the morning and go to school. Furthermore, on some nights you also need to find the incentive to buckle down and study, even though your roommates may be playing poker in the next room or watching the hockey game.

Freshman students are often happiest in an on campus student housing dormitory. It is a more structured environment and can provide the perfect ‘stepping stool’ to real life outside of your parent’s home. Off campus housing is usually better suited towards older and mature students that may have part time jobs outside of school and enjoy the freedom and responsibility of maintaining their own home. Compare each option and all student housing floor plans to determine the best fit for you.

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