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Whether you have just moved into a dorm, a share house or a new apartment, you want to get along with the other people sharing the space. Roommates come with a lot of pros including saving on your rent, companionship and help with the chores. However, it is important to get along with your roommates for the most comfortable domestic situation.

Whether you have just moved in or he has just moved in, you will need some time to unpack and get your bearings straight. Don’t go striaght for adding floor protective coverings or pounce on the friendship wagon right away. Let him adjust to the situation before suggesting any weekend trips away or house gatherings. Furthermore, avoid the ‘rules chat’ on the first day you meet. You will have plenty of time to make up some house rules and get used to living in the same space.

Finding Common Ground

So how you find the secret to domestic bliss? One of the best ways to bond with your new roommate is to find something that both of you enjoy. Common ground will help you break through the ice and have some fun together. If you are both Star Trek buffs, then this is a good place to start. If you both enjoy football, then check out the local football team one night.

Some good suggestions for bonding with a new roommate – head to the gym, catch a sports game together, enjoy a beer and a game of pool at the local bar, suggest a marathon Star Wars movie night, hit the mountain with your snowboards, attend a rally together, go shoe shopping. Of course, not all of these things will be appropriate for your situation. Two female roommates would probably be happier going shoe shopping than watching a moviethon of Star Wars while two science buffs would probably stay home with the movies rather than head to the local mountain with their snowboards.

New Roommate Tips

When it comes to bonding with a new roommate you need to be polite, courteous and respectful of your roommate’s preferences, culture and belongings, even if it is much different than your own. If he chooses to only eat brown food, then let him. If he goes to comic book conventions on the weekend or church after work, then this is his choice. If he is watching television, keep your rude opinions about his show of choice to yourself. If he is in the middle of studying, find a different time to blast your music from the main speakers. Bonding with a new roommate is all about balance and respect.

Bonding with a new roommate will take some effort on your behalf. If your new roommate asks you out for dinner or comes into your room to see if you’d be interested in doing an activity, say yes. Even if it is not your cup of tea, this is the courteous thing to do and will show that you are interested in becoming friends. Furthermore you will be able to discuss things you enjoy doing and get to know a little more about one another. The next time, you may be able to find an activity that both of you will enjoy.

Some roommates are perfectly happy co-existing without ever becoming the best of friends. This is perfectly acceptable too. You may have your own life outside of the home and be happy to have your own social circles and events. However, you still need to share your life, your belongings and your house key with your roommate so it is critical that you remain in the good books by respecting his lifestyle choices.

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