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Bremerton renters insurance is a vital investment in your financial future. No one thinks a disaster will happen to them, but anyone could become the victim of a house fire or burglary. Though you hope you never need it, Seattle renters insurance policies comes in handy when you do find yourself dealing with an unforeseen event. Don't risk being buried under a mountain of debt in the wake of a disaster. Plan ahead with Bremerton renters insurance.

Bremerton is the largest city on the Olympic Peninsula in northwest Washington state. Home to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and an annex of the Naval Base Kitsap, this port city is separated from the city of Seattle by a 55-mile ferry ride. Renting is no longer reserved for young adults and lower middle class families. People of all ages and all income levels are finding renting to be an economical, flexible living arrangement, and residents of Bremerton are no exception.

Renting does come with fewer obligations than home ownership. Property taxes, maintenance and repairs and mortgage payments are not concerns of Bremerton renters. But in addition to rent and utilities, renters must consider insurance a necessary investment. If a damaging storm or other event claims your personal property, the landlord or property manager is under no obligation to replace them or compensate you. The property owner is responsible for repairs to the structure, but the loss of personal property falls squarely on the renter.

Decoding Your Coverage

Standard Bremerton renters insurance policies include all of the basic coverages renters need. The policy spells out the terms of service, including the many exclusions and exceptions, but all of that jargon and technical language can leave you wondering exactly what sort of coverage you actually have. A Bremerton renters insurance agent can help you navigate your policy and various options, but being an informed consumer helps ensure you get just the protection you need.

The main form of coverage is for personal property. Under this protection, the Seattle area insurance company will compensate you for any loss or damage to your belongings that falls under the scope of the policy. There are exceptions, like in named peril policies that only cover damage caused by certain events listed in the Washington renters policy. You have the option of buying open peril coverage for fewer restrictions and adding endorsements to fill the gaps of the more common named peril policies.

When you buy your Bremerton renters insurance policy, you will be asked to either estimate the value of your belongings or provide an inventory to precisely calculate what you own. This determines how much coverage you purchase, or your primary limit. Your personal property is covered up to your coverage limit, but there are some restrictions here, too. Some items, like cash and fine jewelry, have limits as to how much compensation you may receive as part of your coverage limits. For instance, on a $50,000 policy, you may only be able to claim $500 worth of lost or damaged jewelry, and you would need an endorsement to fully cover that collection.

The second form of coverage is for loss of use. If the building is damaged or destroyed so that it is uninhabitable, your coverage will pay for living costs in your temporary WA home above what you normally pay for rent and utilities. The limit is typically 20 percent of your primary.

Next is liability protection, which pays for legal fees and damages if someone sues you for negligence after sustaining injury or property damage at your Bremerton rental home. Coverage ranges from $25,000 to $100,000 to start, and the more, the better. Your Bremerton renters insurance policy also covers reasonable medical expenses, normally around $1,000, for people injured at your WA home.

Buying Flood Coverage

One peril that no Bremerton renters insurance policy will cover is flood damage. Living on one of the many Washington peninsulas, Bremerton residents have plenty of reason to fear flood damage. Rising waters can leave destruction well after everything dries out, from warping to mold and other persistent problems.

Flood coverage is only administered through a federal flood insurance program with the government agency FEMA. Your Bremerton renters insurance agent will sell you the policy, but you must refer to FEMA guidelines for determining coverage and making claims. For Bremerton renters, rates are calculated based on flood risk.

Consult your Bremerton renters insurance agent about what flood coverage entails and how you can add it to your existing Washington renters insurance policy. Fill out our easy-to-use form for more information about WA insurance options and to get in touch with a Seattle area agent. Being covered gives you peace of mind and, more importantly, a solid plan for dealing with an unexpected disaster.