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A new kitten can bring joy, adventure and excitement to any household. Your children will love helping out with the feeding and watching their new pet explore the house. You will love the joy she brings to your home and the extra cuddles she saves just for you. However, before you head over to the pet store and pick up the cutest bunch of the litter, make sure you have prepared for family and your rental property for your new arrival.

Preparing for a Kitten

Before you bring your new pet home it’s time to prepare your house and your family for this big day. This starts by ensuring that you are actually allowed to have cats in your rental property. Ask your landlord if you are unsure. If you live in a unit, apartment or any other complex, then it is also a good idea to mention the new pet to your neighbors so they are not thrown off guard if your kitten happens to make an escape into the hallway.

Head down to the pet store and pick up all the items you will need for the first couple of weeks. Make a family outing of it and let your children help pick out the items. This includes kitten food, a food dish, a litter box, a place to sleep and plenty of newspapers for accidents and products to clean spills if your kitten is not yet house trained. You may also want to pick up a few kitten toys and a scratching post to keep the new addition entertained. If not, then you might find that your pet uses your slippers as a chew toy and your sofa as a scratching post.

Kitten’s First Day

Kittens can be quite excitable but also quite shy when they first arrive home. You need to give them time and space to sniff around and explore the surroundings. Try to keep other pets and children away from the kitten for the first little while. Let your kitten wander around and discover the various places to play in your home. She will find her food, her water and her litter box on her own.

Your kids will probably all want to hold her, pet her, kiss her, squeeze her and play with her. Let your children touch the kitten one at a time. Try not to hold her too much in the first couple of days. She will probably squirm away anyway.

Every cat is different which you will notice right away. Some kittens are perfectly content being the center of attention and will lavish up the attention; others may only come out when you are alone and the house is quiet. This is one of the wonderful things about owning a cat – you can watch her individuality shine through and experience her personality develops with time. Your kitten may turn into a social bubbling cat, a stubborn little princess or anything in between.

Use quiet voices and keep visitors away for the first couple of days when bringing a new kitten home. Try to schedule a little bit of time off work if you can so your kitten is not left alone. Kittens can startle easily and if there is a lot of screaming, yelling, fighting, running and other boisterous behavior, your kitten will probably find a hiding spot and refuse to come out. Be patient with your new kitten. She is very small and confused and, in time, will become more comfortable with your surroundings and more confident in her home.

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