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When you go on vacation it is only natural that you want to bring your entire family with you, including any furry pets. Bringing your dog on holiday is not always possible, especially when you are staying in fancy resorts or going away on an airplane or unless you are a celebrity and can hire a private jet to fly you and your dog around the globe. However, there are some ways to bring your dog on holidays with you and enjoy the time together as a whole family unit.

Accommodation for Dogs

One option you have is to choose a camping vacation. There are many campsites that are pet friendly and there are even some self contained cabins that allow you to have your dog in the cabin with you, as long as you can prevent dog and cat chases if they were to get out. Most campsites that are on national parks will not allow you to bring pets but this only limits some of your options. When you are looking into accommodation, ask about their policy on pets. If you are not happy sleeping in a tent, then look for a place that has pet friendly cabins. You may be surprised at what you find.

There are even some hotels and motels across the nation that are pet friendly. Most resort style hotels and those that are located straight in the heart of big cities will not accommodate for your pet but there are a select few. You can do an online search of pet friendly accommodation and see what comes up in the area where you plan on holidaying.

Holiday homes or short term rental homes are another good option when it comes to bringing your pet on holiday with you. Many people will look into renting out their homes of a weekend or weekly basis as part of a holiday rental. Some will even allow pets in the rental home so you can bring your dog on holiday with you. The good thing about a holiday home is that you get all the same amenities of your house away from home such as separate bedrooms, a kitchen and a balcony.

Dog Kennels While on Holidays

When you are looking into bringing your pet on holiday you also have to think about activities that will be pet friendly. Going to the beach is a good option as most beaches will have a place for families with dogs. However, going out for dinner, to the movies and to cultural areas are often reserved for people only. You may be able to leave your pet at the accommodation in some instances. Another option is to look into day boarding or a kennel in the place where you will be going.

Many families will only look into dog kennels in their home town. They will leave the dog and then go on holiday. However, another option is to bring the dog with you. Let your dog take the road trip down with you and then look at day facilities or dog kennels in your destination. There are dog kennels are over the nation and there is a pretty good chance that you will find one close to where you are vacationing.

Just make sure you book in advance and that you leave lots of time to plan and prepare when bringing your dog on holidays. Bringing your pet with you takes a lot of notice and a lot of preparations from accommodation to activities, from food to transportation. However, with the right holiday and the right destination, it can be done successfully.

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