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Building a bonfire can provide you with hours of entertainment. There is nothing more tranquil than sitting around a fire watching the flames dance in the wind. However, there are also plenty of other great things about a bonfire such as roasting marshmallows, making s'mores and cooking hot dogs to name a few. Bonfires are a great way to get the family together or help a roommate deal with a loss or for social settings as they provide the perfect centerpiece for comfortable conversation. You can play games, tell stories, sing songs or simply talk quietly around the fire.

How to Build a Bonfire

There are several different methods to building a bonfire. One popular module is the teepee model which means that you place your sticks in a teepee format to light the fire. With the kindling all leaning against one another in a triangular shape, you may place some newspaper in the middle of the teepee and light the tips with a match. The paper should make enough flame that the fire will burn onto the kindling and into the teepee structure.

Or, another method when building a bonfire is to create a box like structure out of wood. Stack the wood pieces on top of one another to make a house. Then fill the inside with paper or with wood chippings and light inside the house. The theory is that the fire will eventually strike the sides and burn more evenly. You can add kindling and larger pieces of wood to your fire once it starts burning on its own.

However, you choose to get your bonfire started, make sure you understand how hot it can get. Using rocks, build a fence around it so that children know not to get any closer. Furthermore, make sure you have plenty of water on hand in case the fire does spread.

Bonfire Safety and Precautions

Anytime you are playing with fire you need to be well aware of the safety precautions. First of all, you cannot have a bonfire wherever you please. There are several rules in place, especially during the summer months or if it has not rained in a while where fires are banned. This is because a bonfire can lead to a wild fire or a house fire in some instances.

If you do have the all go to build a bonfire, either in your backyard, at the beach, in a campsite or anywhere else, then you need to stay away from gas products as a means to light your fire. This is dangerous to yourself and to the environment. You can easily get a bon fire started with the right wood and newspaper. In fact, many people can actually forgo using the newspaper all together and just use kindling to start a fire.

Finally, once you have finished with your bonfire for the night, put it out with water. Do not leave it and let the fire go out on its own as this often takes a long time. You could be staying up all night watching the fire go out. Do not leave a burning fire unattended and do not go near a fire sight without first testing the ground. Hot coals can be scolding to touch, even if is out.

When you are building a bonfire you need to be responsible. This means don't get too close to the fire, don't use alcohol or gas to light the fire and don't leave the fire attended. Bonfires can be plenty of fun but they can also lead to a life threatening accident if the right fire safety protocols are not followed.

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