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An outdoor arbor is a beautiful addition to any garden. An arbor, or an arched entrance, can be decorated in a number of different ways and provides the perfect entrance into your backyard, side yard or any other garden area. Explore the various decorating options when building an outdoor arbor that everyone in your family, including your new pet, will enjoy.

How to Build an Arbor

Garden arbors are all different. How elaborate you make your arbor depends on your budget and your DYI skills. You may choose a garden arbor that spans into the realm of the gazebo where people can actually sit or you may choose a simple yet tasteful arch. Many people will add an outdoor arbor to their patio as a perfect shade area while others will use their arbor to store flowers and beautify the garden.

When it comes to adding an arbor to your garden area you have two choices. You can choose to buy an outdoor arbor from any garden store and decorate it yourself or you can choose to build one yourself. If you do choose to build your own outdoor garden arbor you will need a weekend to get the project done. Make sure you gather all your materials ahead of time so you don't run into any problems along the way.

One of the biggest things you need to consider where you are building your outdoor arbor is the material you want to use. Timber is a popular choice but you can make your arbor out of any spare parts and materials. Make sure you have a blueprint before you begin as well as all supplies. You will need an electric screwdriver, concrete, a shovel and some paint.

Start by laying down the framework of the arbor in your desired place. Play around with different spots. Once you have determined the right place to put your arbor you will need to dig four holes for the posts. Pour concrete into the holes along with the posts to keep them in place. Once you have the framework of the arbor you can hammer, nail and screw the additional boards into place depending on what design of arbor you want. You may choose to make an arched roof or you may stick to a square roof. You may choose elaborate wooden posts for either side or you may want to keep it simple with standard timber.

Outdoor Arbor Decoration

There are several plants that are designed for an outdoor arbor. Ivy, hops, wisteria and grapes will all wrap around an arbor perfectly. Even roses are a good option; furthermore, it is much cheaper to buy a few rose bushes and have them in your garden all year long than pay the high prices at the florist on those special occasions such as anniversaries and Valentine's Day.

There are a number of reasons to add an outdoor arbor to your garden area. They offer a great support for climbing plants but also provide shade for your outdoor area. Look for a portable outdoor arbor which can easily be moved if you are renting and need to look for a new place to live but will offer a beautiful and stylish addition to your outdoor area. A garden arbor is best placed as an entrance way into your garden or backyard area. They also make great backdrops for al fresco dining and provide beautiful backgrounds for photos with the family and on special occasions. Whatever the case, when you build an outdoor arbor, you will be investing in a beautiful addition to your outdoor area.

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