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A building and contents insurance quote or many quotes can save you a lot of money on one necessity in life that almost no one enjoys buying. But, without building and contents insurance, you may be asking for trouble when you most need help: during an emergency. Such emergencies would be a storm that sends a bolt of lightning into your precious buildings, which then catches fire, destroying your investment.

That is when you would most regret not having building and contents insurance. While you can save money by shopping every year for a building and contents insurance quote, it is going to cost some money every year. That is alright because it will also benefit you to have the peace of mind involved with both securing and finding the right building and contents quote for you and your loved ones.

A house contents insurance calculator and quote can save you in an emergency. If you purchase after finding a building and contents insurance quote online, you will have added peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about the what ifs of life. Instead, you can enjoy both the building in which you are living, and your belongings, or contents that are inside. An insurance quote is quick, easy and free to find online.

What Do They Cover?

When you are looking to buy renters insurance, you will need to know the difference between building and contents insurance coverage. The building insurance coverage the outside structure in which you will be living (or renting out, if you are the landlord). Contents insurance is what is contained within the building. While it is prudent for landlords to carry building insurance, whether they are renting out a townhouse, duplex, multi-unit apartment building or just their house, do not assume that your landlord has insurance coverage for your contents. You may want to inquire about their building and contents insurance coverage.

It may be a stipulation as part of your lease agreement that you have to purchase renters coverage. This would normally only include damage and loss to your belongings that you keep in your space that you are renting. These are known as the contents. It would also cover you against loss from some of the contents that are not necessarily yours, such as the water heater flooding the house, the dish washer flooding the kitchen or the clothes washer line backing up and flooding the floor below you.

This coverage also helps you out if you are in a multi-floor apartment, where your neighbor floods their unit, and it ends up raining in yours. This can cause a great deal of damage and loss to your electronics, clothing, furniture and even linens and other precious belongings. If you think about it, it can cost a lot to replace everything that lives with you in your rental.

Content Coverage

It is important to understand that part of the reason for coverage (aside from it most likely being required in your rental agreement) is that you it is supposed to help you easily replace your belongings. There are a few things to keep in mind for this. For one, if you have indemnity coverage, the insurer would consider the actual value and give you money for what the items are actually worth (based on their age and wear and tear.) So, if your furniture was 30 and tattered, you would receive the value of that furniture. And, if you consider the logistical problem here, it would be difficult to take the money and go out and get replacement furniture for that old furniture of yours.

This is why there is other coverage, called old for new coverage. This ensures that regardless of what your furniture, electronics, clothing and other items are worth, you will be given money to replace them, at today's value. So it is called old for new. While there may be maximum limits on coverage, at least this will help put your mind at ease following an emergency and shake up in your life. It is better to help yourself by purchasing a plan that will help you out in case of traumatic events.

Building and contents insurance quote is both prudent and a necessity, at least according to most rental agreements. In addition, you will want to have coverage to ensure that you are covered from losses in the case of damage to your belongings while you are renting your apartment. This coverage extends to homes, apartment buildings, townhouses, mobile homes and anywhere else you live that you are renting from another person. When you consider the value of your peace of mind (and the sheer expense of trying to replace all of your belongings), the value of renters coverage becomes clear.