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Bundling your internet and cable makes it a lot easier to stay connected to the world as well as to your favorite television shows in your rental property. When you bundle your internet and cable you will still have access to pay-to-watch television programs as well as the world wide web, but you will most likely be paying a lot less for both. There are several pros to bundling your access but be sure to read the fine print and know what you are getting into before signing any contracts.

Bundling Internet and Cable Benefits

There are several different providers that allow you to bundle your internet and cable and several that also allow you to bundle your internet, cable and even your phone all on one plan. Make sure you compare your options and shop around to find a package that is affordable and a provider that is reliable. You should be able to save, on average, around 20 percent by bundling your internet and cable together when compared to paying for these two items separately.

In addition to saving money each month, another plus to bundling your internet and cable is that you will only have one bill and one account to deal with each month. This can make it a lot easier in terms of your finances as well as if there is ever a problem with your connection or bill. It is also a lot easier to add someone's name to the account if you move in with someone and also much easier to switch addresses if you need to move out of your rental unit later down the road in case you get involved with a baby sitting co-op.

Choosing your Bundling Package

You will most likely get a few options when it comes to your cable and internet package. The more expensive packages will most likely include faster speed and higher volumes of GB per month in terms of your internet usage as well as more channels in terms of your television. Sit down and think about how much time you spend online and what you are doing. Downloading music, shows and watching YouTube are all big spenders in terms of your GB usage.

Consider what shows you want full access to. Do you watch a lot of sports and movies? Do you only watch the news and that's it? Do you have children that enjoy kids programs? Movie channels, adult channels and some sports channels tend to cost more than the traditional cable.

One thing to be aware of when you bundle your internet and your cable are any hidden fees and contract regulations. You may only be offered a cheap discount on your internet and cable if you agree to a long term contract which can be hard to break if you ever do need to. Another trick is a 'connection' or 'modem' fee which can be wavered in exchange for signing a contract or choosing a certain policy.

Make sure you ask around and find out what each provider can offer you. You can be picky when choosing your provider. Look for deals where you receive a month free, a free modem or an upgrade on your system by joining the provider. You should be able to find a provider that will waive the joining fee if you agree to a long term contract but make sure you are prepared to stick with them for the period agreed on. You should also have options when it comes to payment terms such as online, through a direct account, monthly or annually. Speak directly to each provider and negotiate a bundling internet and cable package that works for you.

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