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The death of a pet is heartbreaking and may leave you feeling lost, alone, sad and emotional for days, weeks, months or even years to come. Many people will have their pet for 10 to 15 years and during this time they become part of your family. They are with you through epic milestones such as moving houses, getting married and starting a family. Burying a pet is a lovely way to say goodbye to your friend and to remember all the good things about him and the good times you have shared in the past.

Having a Pet Burial

Burying a pet can be done in countless different ways. You may wish to bury him under a tree in your backyard. You may wish to take his body to your favorite swimming hole or beach. You may even wish to have his remains cremated or bury him in a special pet cemetery. There are several companies that specialize in pet burial and headstone power washing maintenance, and even funerals which can be a nice way to say goodbye.

However, you don't have to spend a lot of money on a pet burial. You may wish to do it in your own backyard with close friends and family members by your side. You may wish to take a walk along the beach and say a few short words at one of your favorite spots. Or you may wish to bury him in a cemetery and spend an afternoon once a month taking a walk to his site just to say hello. These are only a few of the examples you have when contemplating where to bury your pet.

Don't be embarrassed to be upset, to cry and to say a few words about your pet. To some people burying a pet may seem silly but it is not, especially not to you. Those who have their own pets know how deep a bond can grow and how important they are to the family. You can say a few words and let your feelings speak for themselves which can help you heal and move on from this death. Regardless of whether the pet was put down, was hit by a car or suffered a serious illness, it is important that you get closure on the situation.

Saying Goodbye to Your Pet

Keep in mind that losing a loved one is hard on you but it can be even harder on your children if you have any. Kids that have grown up with a family dog or cat can easily grow attached to them. In fact, even smaller pets such as fish and rabbits deserve a proper goodbye. Let your children take part in the burial process and funeral after by seeing if they want to say a few words, write the pet a letter or draw him a picture to put in the ground with him. You may even want to help them make a collage of all their favorite photos of them with their pet to bring to the burial.

Burying a pet is hard on everyone. Death is all a part of the circle of life and a pet burial and funeral is a great way to say goodbye and to send your friend off well. Regardless of where or how you do it, when burying a pet, think of it as a happy time. Take a few moments to think about the good times you have spent together and try not to dwell on the sadness of having to let him go. In time it will get easier.

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