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You put in a lot of time and effort looking for eco friendly products for your family. You do the research and shop in all the right stores to help the environment and keep your family green. But what about your pet? Buying eco friendly pet food is another way you can feed your pet without harming the environment. Look for products that are eco friendly when shopping for your pet's daily food needs. If your pet is not keen on the eco friendly pet food, they can just relocate to a studio apartment and stop contributing to helping the environment.

There are a number of different factors that should be considered when you are comparing eco friendly pet foods. Some of your favorite (and your pet's favorites) may be eco friendly in some categories but not the others. Your goal is to find a product that is as eco friendly as possible in as many categories as possible but that is also enjoyed by your pet. After all, what's the point of buying a year's supply of Karma cat food only to have your cat turn her nose up at the stuff?

Green Pet Food Companies

One of the things that will determine how eco friendly the product is, is the ingredients that the company uses. Organic ingredients are considered eco friendly as are whole natural ingredients. You can look for these options on the product labels, on their website or on the nutritional information area. Choosing organic and whole natural ingredients can also be better for your pet's immune and digestive system making cleaning up after him much easier for you as well.

Another way to find eco friendly pet food is to buy local. Buying your pet food from a local or national seller means less fuel consumption and distribution costs. This means lower emissions needed to transport your kitty's pet food to your doorstep.

Another thing that you can consider when looking into eco friendly cat food is energy efficient manufacturing. While it can be hard to know what happens at the manufacturing level, you can do a little bit of research to see what technology is being used. Look for a company that invests in lower temperatures and lower electrical use as well as companies that invest in environmentally friendly packaging. Recycled packaging can provide consumers with the same great product but with a much less harsh distribution impact.

If you are concerned about the environment another good thing to look into when choosing your pet food products is animal testing. While this may not have anything to do with the greenness of the company or the product, it is a good thing to consider. Look for companies that are against animal testing. You will feel much better knowing that you are giving your pet a product that has not harmed other animals in the process.

Eco Friendly Pet Products

When buying eco friendly pet food there are several companies out there that have ranked pet foods according to their 'eco friendliness.' They have done the dirty work for you so you can simply check the sites and see what companies match your specific needs. Look for a product that contains several stars, leaves or other green ticks with several different companies.

Whether you prefer Wanaewe, The Honest Kitchen, Raw Advantage, Eukanuba, Pedigree or any other brand, find out what their green rating is when buying eco friendly pet food. However, make sure your dog or cat actually enjoys the product and agrees with his digestive system before stocking your pantry with it. That way you can feel good about giving your pet something that is not only nutritional for them, but also good for the environment as well.

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