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Ceiling fans are extremely handy to have. They can cool down your home and are quite energy efficient. If your rental property is not equipped with ceiling fans then you are probably not going to spend your own money to have them installed since you just recently paid for the rental pet deposit. However, you can look at buying portable fans for your home to help cool you down during those sweltering summer months.

Portable fans can be purchased in a number of shops such as department stores and homewares shops. Big shops like Costco and Sam's Club will also stock them for cheap. You can purchase ones that stand up nice and high or ones that you can rest on a table. The objective of these fans is to blow the air around, thus cooling you down. They work in the same way as a ceiling fan but are not on the ceiling.

In a sense, they are actually more effective when the air is blowing directly at you. Most fans allow you to choose whether to have the air blowing in the same direction or blowing around the room. If you are working at your desk you might be interested in having the fan facing you and only you. If you are entertaining friends on the patio, then you might want the fan to rotate around the area so everyone gets a good breeze every now and again.

Portable fans can be plugged in anywhere there is an electrical outlet. They will take up some power but nothing compared to how much power an air conditioning system will use, even a portable one. The good thing about portable fans is that you can bring them anywhere you go. You might want to buy just one or two and bring it with you from room to room. Or you might want to invest in five or six and leave them in a place all the time. This depends on your budget.

Portable Fans for Renters

The good thing about buying fans that are portable is that when you decide to move out, you can bring them with you. They are yours and you can use them from house to house. Investing in ceiling fans means that they will stay with the house. When renting, it only makes sense to choose to buy something that you can bring with you when you go.

This is also the case if you are looking at buying a heater, furnace or air conditioning system as well. When renting, it is always best to go with a portable system. When you buy, you can look at installing the real deal but until then, stick to something that can move with you.

Make sure you have a look at the different types and designs of fans that are out there. They are different ones to suit different areas in your house. Stand up fans are quite good for corners in living spaces while other fans are best left sitting on a bench or table. Many people will look at sleeping with a fan in the room to cool you down as you drift off into sleep. However, having the fan blowing on you while watching television, cooking dinner or entertaining friends are all good too.

Buying fans for your rental home is not rocket science. However, there are some things to consider including your budget and the design you want. Look for sales and specials on ceiling fans and ones that come with several speeds and rotating options. Think about where you want to place the fans and how you will be using it when buying fans.

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