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If you have just made the move from a furnished apartment or an unfurnished home then you can expect to spend a little bit of cash on furniture. Whether you choose to buy brand new or go second hand, you can expect to spend into the thousands on the various items you will need. Think about each living space in your home and what the essentials are. Start at the larger most important items and work your way through the house.

When you rent a new house that does not have any furniture in it, it can be quite overwhelming, especially as you will be responsible for getting rid of all that empty space. You may feel like taking your credit card and hitting up the local furniture store and buying it all in one go. If you can afford this, then great. However, for most renters, this is just not possible. Instead, start with the essentials and work your way from there. It may take several weeks, months or even years to get all the pieces you need but this is all part of the fun of growing up and gaining responsibility.

Essential Furniture Check List

One of the first things you will need is a bed. After all, you cannot sleep on the floor for too many nights without feeling the strain and pain in your back. In addition to a bed, most bedrooms will also have a dresser system to hold clothes and other items as well as a bedside table. Other common furniture pieces for a bedroom include a vanity table, a lamp and even a television. However, none of these are as important as your mattress and bed.

Many furniture stores will allow you to purchase a bedroom set all together. For example, you may get a six piece bedroom set for a reduced price if you buy all items together rather than separately. This is also true for other rooms in your home including your dining room and living room which are also commonly sold as six piece sets, seven piece sets, nine piece sets and so forth.

In addition to having a bed for each member of your family, you will also need a place to eat which means you will need to invest in a table and chair set. You will also probably want some sort of living room set which can include a couch or lounge chairs, an entertainment system and a television, or storage for a toy room. Other items to consider include a bookshelf or desk if you require a home office, lamps for extra lighting, a coffee table for your living room and an outdoor lounge set for your patio or deck area. Many homes will come equipped with appliances such as a fridge, dishwasher, dryer and washing machine but you may have to buy a microwave as well as other appliances and electronics that you require.

New or Second Hand Furniture

Finding furniture can be done in a number of different ways. You can choose to buy brand new by shopping on online furniture sites or by going into the store. One good thing about shopping new is that they will usually deliver the items to your new home which can save on the moving costs. However, you can also find furniture second hand on sites such as eBay and through your local trading post and newspaper. Garage sales and second hand stores also provide you with a great place to look when buying furniture for an unfurnished home.

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