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When you are renting any type of dwelling, there is bound to be some overlap between you and your roommates in terms of communal items. You will most likely be sharing the television, couch set, living room and dining room furniture, stereo, microwave and several other items. Whether you are sharing this space with a friend, a fellow student or a partner, you will need to determine who buys what or figure out a system to purchase these items together. That way, when it does come time to move out, you will be able to go your separate ways without any disagreements or hard feelings about your belongings.

House Item Preparation

One of the easiest ways to buy house items together is to make a plan. Write down all the items each of you already have. For example, you may be able to pitch in a microwave and table and chairs while your roommate may have an old stereo, television and coffee table lying around. Then, make a list of the items you need from bathroom storage to decorative house plants. You can either pool your money together and make a trip to the local furniture store/garage sales/eBay/etc and purchase these items together or you can continue to divvy up what is left. For example, perhaps you are in charge of purchasing a couch while your roommate is responsible for purchasing the kitchen appliances. When it is time to move on, you will have a much easier time sorting through your items if you opt for the latter choice.

Communication is key when it comes to buying house items together. You need to discuss the items you want, the style and tastes you desire, the stores in which to visit, and the budget you want to stay under. The way you go about buying house items together will depend on your situation. In some instances one roommate will have enough stuff to furnish the entire apartment and the other one will have next to nothing. If this is the case, then you may need to come to an agreement about using each other’s items. In other instances, one roommate may want to purchase all new items while the other roommate would rather stick to second hand goods for now. There are a lot of complications involved in buying house items together which is why you need to talk to your roommate before you make plans to move in.

Moving Out, Moving On

In many instances, the roommate situation will eventually dissolve. One of you may move out or both of you may move out at the same time. Whatever the case, you will need to split up your items as fairly as possible. You are probably quite excited about the prospect of moving in with your roommate and thus have not thought that far down the road but it is important to discuss what happens when you do cross this bridge. Will you sell all your items and share the profit? Will you split each item up separately? Will one roommate get all the items and the other one receive a payment?

Buying house items together is not as big a commitment as moving in with a partner or getting married; however, it does require some serious thought and planning on both of your ends. The more prepared you are for the eventual split, the less likely chance of a confrontation down the road. When you know how you will buy and split your house items, you will be able to enjoy ones another company and your items without worrying about what comes next.

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