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You can buy almost anything locally. There are often arts, crafts, produce, meats and clothing that will be made by someone in your community or grown locally in a farm. Buying local products helps keep your community strong. You will be rewarded with high quality produce and products that you can be happy with.

Benefits to Buying Locally

There are a number of benefits to buying local products. First of all, you are helping the local community. Rather than making large companies a little more money to add to their pile, you are helping your neighbor, your local gardener and local farmers make a little extra money. Another benefit to buying locally is that you know exactly where the stuff is coming from. You do not have to worry about child laborer or manufacturing errors. You can be rest assured that the product is being made at home.

Buying local products can also be more affordable in some instances. Because you are not paying for the large transportation and distribution fees of shipping the product from overseas, this will cut back on the overhead fees which may be transferred to you when buying things like food and pet care products; however, often small town businesses cannot compete in terms of prices with the large corporations so you may not be able to save when buying locally. It all depends on the product as well as the current market.

Knowing that something comes from a local vendor can make it that much more special, especially if you are looking for a unique gift or souvenir if you are traveling. Local arts and crafts, for example, make lovely additions to the decor in your home and can provide a beautiful gift for friends and family that live far away.

Where the Locals Shop

When you are looking for local products you will have the best luck at smaller shops. Large grocery stores, for example, will often get their produce and other food from out of state and even out of country where the produce may be cheaper. However, it will not be as fresh. Local products are often found in smaller produce shops, farmer's markets and through street vendors. This can be a much more exciting way to shop for your weekly groceries than hitting the big chain superstore anyway.

Independent and co-op stores are also a good place to hit when looking for local products. Co-op stores are owned by their customers which means they often have a say in what is sold. Many co-op stores keep the products as local as possible. Some of the most popular types of co-ops include grocery stores as well as recreational outlets.

When you are looking for local arts, crafts, souvenirs, clothing and other products look for smaller stores in your town. Gift shops are often stocked with local artwork such as paintings, photographs and crafts which can really highlight your area. Even buying items such as books, postcards, handmade cards and other smaller items can help the local community. You may have to pay a little extra but a handmade card from a local artist has a lot more heart than the traditional birthday card from Hallmark.

Buying local products can provide you with a good sense of community and help out others around you. Rather than adding more profit to the large chain stores, why not shop around for local products this week? You will be surprised how fresh the food tastes, how lovely the clothes are and how unique the gifts can be when you buy locally.

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