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Moving can get expensive which is why most people will look at setting a budget before making the move to a new place. Whether you are buying or renting, some of the costs will remain the same. Take the time to sit down and go over the costs involved in moving to ensure that you have enough saved up. It is not uncommon to have to spend several thousands of dollars when moving, especially a large distance.

Typical Moving Costs

One of the big expenses will be finding a new place to rent. In some instances you may not have a place lined up yet and thus you might need to stay in a hotel or weekly accommodation for a little while before choosing your rental property. This is something you need to keep in mind as short term accommodation tends to be more than accommodation with a 12 month lease in place. You may need to spend $50 a day for a hotel room for two weeks while checking out the different rental properties in your new town.

Moving vans are also expensive but there are ways to cut down on this. There are several moving companies that allow you to pack your breakables and personal Items and then simply use their van to drive. Or you can get the company to do the packing, the moving of the furniture and the driving. The latter is going to be more expensive. You can expect to pay in the thousands for a long distance move.

If you are moving long distance then you need to factor in fuel or airplane costs if you are flying to your new location. Either way, driving or flying, you can expect this to add up to several hundreds of dollars as well depending on where you are going. Keep the costs as well as the convenience in mind when determining whether driving or flying is better for you and your family.

Storage can also be costly even if you are only storing your items for a few weeks while you settle in or if you are renting a house that is smaller than what you are used to. Make sure you have the storage in place before you go as often you items will get there before you. You can find storage centers in all towns and many offer a few months for free on a longer stay contract.

Transferring to a New Location

In some instances, such as if you are being relocated through your work, then some of these costs may be taken care of through your company. If you have been transferred, for example, then you may be able to claim back anywhere from 50 to 100 percent of the costs for things like fuel, accommodation, moving vans and storage. However, this all depends on the terms and conditions of the contract in place and, even if your company is transferring you, this does not necessarily mean they will pay for everything. There will probably be a budget for each item. What this means is that you may only be granted $100 per night for accommodation along the way which means you cannot expect your company to pay for a penthouse suite stay in an ultra luxurious resort on the way.

When it comes to calculating moving expenses, you need to be smart and think about every little thing that could come up. That way you can prepare for these fees and not start your new life in your new home with a lot of new debt. The more prepared you are, the better your move will be.

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