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Camden renters insurance offers the student, the senior citizen, and other tenants the opportunity to have a very unique type of protection for their belongings in the case that their things sustain damage while renting property off of someone. Nevertheless, there is a considerable misconception about renters insurance in Camden and that is that it is not needed.

It is true that landlords in Camden, NJ do usually have protection for the structures that they are renting out. It is also true that the coverage they have does not benefit the tenant in any way. The only way that the tenant benefits is if the landlord is held liable for an accident that the tenant has and the landlord is responsible for paying medical expenses. Other than that, the New Jersey tenant is responsible for everything else.

As a renter, there are a number of responsibilities and renters insurance in Camden, NJ is one of them. Although not a required responsibility, it is a strongly suggested one.

Your New Jersey Home

As the renter, you are responsible for covering the contents within your house or condominium. This means that if there is a fire, you can't go to your landlord and demand that they replace your bed, furniture, appliances, and electronics. Your Camden renters insurance takes care of this.

Your Camden renters insurance takes care of all of the belongings that you have brought into your condo or other property. Now if the apartment or townhouse is already furnished, you can't cover those items those items are the responsibility of your landlord since your landlord owns them. If something were to happen to them, your landlord should have them insured. It is your possessions that your renters insurance in Camden covers.

As for what you can cover, you can cover everything from the eyeglasses on your face to the socks on your feet. Your television is included, as well as your CDs and DVDs. Your belongings have to be damaged by a qualifying peril, though. A qualifying peril may be a fire, a collapsed roof due to heavy snow, lightning damage, damage from a power outage, and many more. The perilous events are events that you cannot control in any way.

Landlord Responsibilities

Just as you are responsible for insuring your New Jersey loft or home type with Camden renters insurance, your landlord is responsible for insuring the structure. They must also insure the contents that they own within the home. For instance, if they own the refrigerator and they want to insure it, it is their job to insure it. You shouldn't have to since it isn't yours and doing so would cause your Camden renters insurance premium to increase.

The landlord may want to have liability insurance as well in case negligence to fix something or another negligent act would result in injury of the tenant or any other individuals entering the property. It is not the responsibility of the tenant to fix anything. It is the responsibility of the landlord to keep the property in good condition.

Liability Insurance

One question that is of concern is who is responsible for the liability insurance? Is it the renters or the landlords?

If you talk to your landlord and your Camden renters insurance company about this, you will most likely be told that you are responsible for what occurs within the walls of the home, while your landlord is responsible for what happens on the property outside of it. For instance, if it snows, the landlord should try and arrange for the sidewalk to be shoveled to avoid slip and fall accidents. In most cases, the tenant will take care of this.

But anything that happens within the walls of your NJ home is your responsibility. If a toy in the floor of your family room causes someone to trip and fall, your Camden renters insurance is going to be what takes care of the liability issue. Your renters insurance in Camden is going to provide you with a variety of protection.

As for why you need the liability coverage part of your Camden Renters protection, you never know when someone may come into your home, have an accident, and then sue you for their medical expenses. If they do, your Camden renters insurance will provide you with the necessary coverage up to your established limits, but will increase the overall renters insurance cost.

So if you are wondering what your responsibilities are and what the responsibilities of your landlord is, you now know some of them. You do want to speak to your landlord about responsibilities and reach an agreement about who will take care of what. You may prefer responsibilities to be listed in the lease agreement so that you know what kind of Camden renters insurance you need to cover your end of the deal.