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Carpooling to work is an excellent way to not only save on your monthly fuel bill but also reduce your carbon footprint. You will be saving on your annual car insurance and helping to keep our earth as clean as possible. Joining a carpool also allows you to avoid the stress of getting behind the steering wheel five days a week and allows you to interact with your co-workers before and after work. You can sit back and relax on your ride to and from work rather than concentrating on the traffic and road signs. Start and end your working day on the right foot by joining a carpool.

A work carpool means that you and your workmates will set up a rotation schedule for driving to work. If there are five people in your carpool, for example, then each one of you will only drive to work one day a week. Alternatively, you may want to choose a carpooling routine where each driver drives for one week and then has a month off.

Carpool Rules and Regulations

Similar to buying pets with roommates, there are several unwritten rules about carpooling to work that you will need to know before you join a work carpool or look into starting one. First of all, make it a priority to actually be on time. Actually, be early. Get up an extra five minutes early each day. Instead of making your fellow workmates wait while you strip out of your PJ’s and into your suit in two minutes, take the extra couple of minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee or check your personal email. You will not only start your day on a better note but you also won’t be annoying your colleagues before you even arrive at the office.

You will want to join a carpool with people that arrive at the same time as you and pack up at the same time as well. If you have a habit of showing up to work twenty minutes early, then look for people in your area and in your office that are also there early. This will help you stay in your routine and will avoid any unwanted stress of arriving to work a little bit late or on time. If you are the opposite and enjoy strolling into work right on time or a few minutes late then look for individuals that do this as well.

Before you lock into any set carpooling system, do a trial run for a month. During this time you will get to know if the carpooling system works well for you or whether you would prefer to either keep looking for a new carpool or continue to drive yourself each day.

Work Carpool Considerations

Another thing to consider when it comes to carpooling to work is that if there is an issue and you need to leave work early, you will need to consider how this will impact your work mates. If you have young children, for example, and are consistently taking afternoons off for daycare pickup, dentist appointments and doctors visits, then this might cause a problem, especially on the days when you are responsible for driving your workmates there and back.

Finally, be sure to also consider car etiquette. Ask your workmates what they would prefer – loud music, radio, CD’s or silence? Can you bring your coffee in the car? What about your breakfast? Everyone will have different rules when it comes to what is allowed in their vehicle which you need to respect. The key to successfully carpooling to work is communication, common schedules, and respect.

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