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Central Michigan University Off Campus Housing

Central Michigan University off campus housing is the option you have chosen for living while studying at Central Michigan University. You may be excited and somewhat nervous about living on your own at off campus housing. After all, the apartment is in no way connected with Central Michigan University. So, if you need help with something concerning the off campus housing premises, it will not be possible to consult with anyone at the college for assistance.

CMU Off Campus Housing Problem Solving

You most likely did not rent your Central Michigan University off campus housing apartment without reading the lease over carefully. If there is any issue with the plumbing or if there is a need for a repair elsewhere in the CMU off campus housingapartment, someone simply needs to contact the landlord or the management company about it. They will take care of promptly making arrangements to have the appropriate person come to look over the situation and make any repairs needed.

Remember, to consult the lease agreement on the off campus housing apartment if there are any concerns pertaining to others accessing the property. In the case of repairs, especially those involving urgent matters, the landlord may be allowed to access your property with very little notice. This should only be in the case of an issue involving something like a broken faucet, for example. If there is water pouring non-stop everywhere and the bathroom is flooding, there is very little time to waste for someone to arrive to fix the problem.

In an instance like this, you and any of your Central Michigan University student roommates would probably appreciate and anticipate a prompt visit from a repair person, never mind the landlord. However, in less emergent situations, your landlord or the appropriate repair person would need to advise you of when they are going to arrive to the property to look at, assess and fix the problem. 24 hours notice is usually plenty of time, but double check your lease agreement if there is any question.

All proper, legitimate MI lease agreements will adhere to the local laws pertaining to a landlord's ability to access the property. This is because, while the landlord owns the premises and has certain privileges when it comes to overseeing the maintenance of his or her property, you as the tenant have certain rights and privileges when it comes to privacy. It would not be all right, for example, if the landlord simply showed up to the CMU off campus housing apartment and let them inside for no good reason.

Even if the off campus housing apartment's landlord or management company said that they needed to check on something they were concerned about, they would need to give all residents of the Central Michigan University off campus housing proper advanced warning before they arrive. There may be some issues a landlord or management company is aware of before any of your roommates are. While busying yourselves with your Central Michigan University studies, you may not have realized there was a pest problem in the Mount Pleasant area.

In this case, everyone at the CMU off campus housing apartment would appreciate the management company arriving, with proper advance notice, to inspect the off campus housing unit to make sure there is no pest issue. Or, if they decided to preemptively treat the inside and outside of the property for any pest, each of your Central Michigan University roommates would probably be grateful. Issues such as this would also be handled at the landlord or management company's expense.

Taking Responsibility as a MI Tenant

As you may recall when you rented the off campus housing, not every repair in the apartment is necessarily going to be the landlord's responsibility. If you host a party for friends of yours from Central Michigan University and someone accidentally causes damage to the inside or outside of the Central Michigan University off campus housing premises, it could be your responsibility to pay to repair. Also, no matter how safe your Mount Pleasant neighborhood is, thefts can occur any time.

You could not appeal to the landlord to help pay for the replacement of any stolen belongings. The truth is the cost to replace anything such as electronics, televisions, computers, or appliances would be your responsibility. The same holds true if items were damaged after a storm or a fire.

Belongings such as these can cost hundreds of dollars to replace. If you do not have plenty of money set aside for an instance such as this you need to purchase renter's insurance. Renter's insurance only costs about ten or twenty dollars a month, and it would allow you to replace any insured valuables at your Central Michigan University off campus housing.

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