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Changing a light bulb is an important task that everyone renting a home will need to know how to do. Fortunately this is a relatively easy task that only takes a few minutes. Light bulbs need to be changed often, especially if you opt for a cheap brand or if you are using the light frequently. Bulbs are supposed to last for around 500 to 1000 hours but some seem to die a lot earlier than this. Other bulbs, on the other hand, seem to last forever. It all depends on how often you are using the light and the type of bulb you have installed.

Changing a Light Bulb

The first thing you need to do when changing a light bulb is to turn off the lamp or light fixture so that there is no power running through. This will prevent any chance of electrifying yourself. Let the hot bulb cool down before replacing it. Grab the light bulb with your hands in a firm manner and turn counter clockwise until the bulb is released from the socket. If the bulb has been in there a while then you may need to use your muscle power to make the initial turn. Be careful not to squeeze the bulb so hard that you burst it.

To replace the light bulb you will need to first insert the new bulb into the socket. Turn it clockwise until the bulb is snug. One of the common problems experienced during light bulb changes is that the replacement bulb is not in the socket properly. Be sure to examine all angles to ensure that the bulb is securely in. If not, then the bulb may not sit properly and you may need to unscrew it and try again.

Test your new light bulb by turning the fixture back on. Be sure to dispose of the old bulb in a safe place. If you have young children, make sure you don’t leave the bulb lying around. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers will love to get their fingers on this ‘toy’.

If you are changing a light bulb in a fixture that is on the ceiling, near a statement piece, or quite high up, then you may need a step ladder to reach it. Use a spotter to ensure that, if you do injure yourself, someone is on hand to help you.

Light Bulb Tips

Light bulbs come in all different shapes, sizes and voltage. Be sure to check the voltage of your light fixtures and replace the bulbs with the same voltage bulbs. If you use a light bulb with a higher voltage, then the bulb could blow right away. If you use one with less voltage, then you may not get enough light out of the bulb.

Light bulbs also come in an energy efficient option nowadays. While they tend to be more expensive to purchase, they will save you on your electricity bill. Furthermore, you will be helping the environment by opting for this energy savings light. Energy efficient light bulbs are as easy to install as the standard bulbs. You can purchase them at any grocery store or hardware shop in the light bulb section.

Be sure to be energy wise when it comes to using your light bulbs. Only turn them on when you actually need to. During the day open your curtains and make use of the natural sunlight through the windows. At night, only keep the lights on in the room you are actually in. You will be surprised how much you can save on your energy and electricity bills each month by changing light bulbs often.

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