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It can be so easy to leave your fire alarm on empty batteries for several months. After all, having the fire alarm go off every time you accidently burn dinner can get so annoying and many people will want to dislodge the thing several times a year. When the batteries run out it may seem like a blessing in disguise but this is not the case. It is critical for the safety preparedness of your family and for the protection of your things that you always change the batteries in the smoke alarm as soon as they run out.

A smoke alarm detects smoke in the house which often indicates that there is a fire. Most renters will place the smoke alarm in their kitchen as this is the most common place for fires to start due to ovens, stoves and the appliances in there. However, of course, there is always the chance that you might leave dinner on too long, burn the cookies or boil the water into nothing, which can also set off the fire alarm.

Fire Alarm Safety

In most fire alarms you can tell that the alarm is working by a little red light on the side or on the front of the system. If this red light is off, then this often means the batteries are dead and it's time to change them. Furthermore, many fire alarms will have a flashing red light to let you know that the batteries are running out. Fire alarms usually take double A batteries which is handy as a lot of toys and other things around the house will also need Double A batteries. Go into the shop and purchase a bulk pack of these batteries for future use.

To change the batteries in the fire alarm you will need to dislodge it first. You will need a chair or a ladder to stand on to get to the fire alarm and pull it off the wall. Make sure you have someone with you spotting you and that you use a secure piece of furniture to stand on so you do not fall.

After you have the alarm system down you will need to get into the battery socket, usually with a screw driver. Unscrew the hinges and remove the old batteries from the area. Dispose of them correctly. Then replace these old batteries with new ones. Take the time to put them in correctly and then screw the battery holder back into place, making sure the back is secure and firm so the batteries remain in the right place.

Then, it's back up onto the chair to put the fire alarm back into place. If you ever have trouble with your fire alarm you can ask a neighbor for assistance or you can even get a handy man to come in and do it for you. This may be the case if you are older or if you have a disability.

Changing the batteries in the smoke alarm is incredibly important as house fires are one of the most common reasons for disasters for homeowners and renters. In addition to having a working fire alarm in place you should also check that you have a fire extinguisher on every floor of the house and that you have the other necessary things needed in the event of a fire or emergency. This includes blankets, water, tinned food and a flashlight. And, when it comes to changing the batteries in the smoke alarm or preparing for any other type of emergency, don't forget the batteries!

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