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Changing the air filters in your home is probably not something you want to spend your free time doing. However, it is recommended that you change your air conditioner/heater air filters every three months. If you are currently renting any property that has central heat or air conditioning, or bringing a new pet home,  then now is the time to get this simple task out of the way.

Benefits to Changing your Air Filters

Air filters are used to filter out any debris that enters your heating and air conditioning system. Rather than letting this dirty air circulate through your home, the air filters will stop this debris so you are breathing clean air. However, if the filter is blocked from a buildup of debris, then it will have to work a lot harder to get the clean air through to your home. This means higher energy output and higher electricity bills on your end.

We could all use a break on our electricity bills. Rates are at an all time high across homes in America and most renters will need to foot their own electricity bill, especially if you are renting a house, townhouse or condominium. Your heater/air conditioner can make up a huge portion of your electricity bill which means you want to do everything possible to increase its productivity by reducing your rates at the same time. Even if the electricity is included on your monthly rent, you will be helping the environment and your landlord by taking two minutes out of your day and changing the filters every once and a while.

A fresh air conditioning/heating filter will also make your system a quieter. Instead of falling asleep to the sizzle of the heater or the whirl of the air conditioner, you will hardly notice the noises coming out of your heating and cooling device. When the filter is clear and unblocked, then the system can breathe a lot easier. And so can you.

How to Change Your Air Filters

Changing your air filters is actually incredibly simple. Regular filters can be purchased at any home or hardware store and cost around $3.00-5.00 each. You can get more expensive ones that offer allergy relief but many people are perfectly happy with the basic model. Before you go out and purchase a 10 pack of filters, however, be sure to double the size of your air filter. This will depend on how big or small your system is.

To change the air filters you need to find the location of the filter. On an air conditioning system, this is often in the front; on a heating system, this is normally on the side of the furnace. Most filters will have a cover over it. The air filter will easily lift or pull out. Have the clean new one on hand to replace the old dirty old. If your system is really dirty and the filter has not been changed in a while, you will notice the difference right away. Your air conditioner /heater can stop huffing and puffing and you can reduce your energy output with this simple task.

Keep in mind that, in addition to changing the air filters in your home, you should also change the filters in your car if your vehicle has AC or heating. Car air filters can cost a little more (around $15.00) but can offer you a much smoother ride and lower mileage.

Changing your home and car air filter one of the cheapest and easiest maintenance jobs out there. So make a reminder to check your filters every three months for the cleanest air in the home and on the road.

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