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Charlotte cleaning services can help you see your way clear to enjoying a leisure activity or two. When you find a cleaning crew through Charlotte cleaning services, you'll be able to make plans for your weekends and down time, get out and about and start enjoying those pursuits that make you feel relaxed and happy, rested and restored so that you can face another week of work at your North Carolina job. You work hard to enjoy the lifestyle you have. Why schedule your free time around the cleaning of your NC home? Enlist the help of the trusted professionals you'll find through Charlotte cleaning services today and you can begin making plans to do what you enjoy


Hiring professional cleaners to perform services around your Charlotte home may seem a bit out of your league. You might believe that hiring Charlotte cleaning services is too rich for your blood. But once you compare prices for professional housekeepers in NC like you compare Charlotte renters insurance quotes, you'll reconsider your prior notions. Charlotte cleaning services are very affordable and you can choose the types of services you want them to perform.

If you would like to engage their services for duties on a regular schedule, that can be done. If you would like to schedule less frequent deep cleaning services, they can accommodate you. Charlotte cleaning services know that your time is precious and your home is a source of pride. They will complete every task to your personal satisfaction and not leave until the job is finished. The trusted and skilled professionals of Charlotte cleaning services can get and keep your home shining in the showplace style you desire.

Cleaning Windows Inside and Out

Frequently, between visits from your Charlotte cleaning services, you may find you need to do a bit of housekeeping and de-cluttering yourself. Your may be expecting company, or perhaps you've entertained some of your North Carolina friends, and need to tidy up a bit prior to your next appointment for services. Maybe you need to tend to an infrequent but necessary task that you prefer to do yourself. Whatever the reason, you can accomplish many of these monthly or quarterly chores yourself and still have the opportunity to meet that tee-off time, or curl up with a good book.

One of the many chores that is easily accomplished in your Charlotte home is cleaning the windows. North Carolina residents appreciate a beautiful view and what better way to enjoy the beauty of a Charlotte blue sky than through window panes that have been cleaned to the point of invisibility? It may sound impossible if you have months of grime built up on the outside, and smears and fingerprints on the inside, but depending on the size of your house, condo or apartment, and the amount of window space you enjoy, you could have a crystal clear view of the world in a few hours time.

Grandma may have known best, and as long as you aren't completely turned off by the temporary odor of vinegar in your home, the most versatile housekeeping supply in your Charlotte home is the best option for cutting grime on your windows. Distilled white vinegar has been the go-to product of homemakers for centuries. The high acidic quality shines and polishes any glass and chrome surface, and vinegar has long been known for it's deodorizing properties. The added bonus is that vinegar, unlike many household products sold commercially, is not harmful to children, pets, or the environment.

The process is simple. For your initial window cleansing and that of your outside glass, make a solution of 2 cups warm water, 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar and a squirt-no more than a teaspoon-of dishwashing liquid. If you own a pump sprayer, fill the sprayer with the solution. Using newspapers, paper towels or a squeegee, spray the solution on the window and wipe or squeegee dry. Once you've utilized the cleaning services of the vinegar/soap/water solution, you can keep up appearances by using either straight vinegar for extra grime, or a solution of equal parts water and vinegar.

If you find the above method leaves streaks, that's very often the result of the windows previously being cleaned with a commercial solution and may require a few more applications of vinegar to cut the residue. You might need to invest in some affordable micro fiber cloths as they don't leave lint behind and keep your windows from streaking. You'll find them in your Charlotte grocery store or NC hardware supply.

Your View of The World

Once you've cleaned your windows you'll open up your view of your Charlotte neighborhood will be improved. Once you find the Charlotte cleaning services crew that's right for you, your new and relaxed outlook on life will improve as well. You'll see life in a whole new way at your new student apartment or condo.